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montpellier market

During Christmas time, the towns and cities of France come
alive with Christmas lights, entertainment and markets, with the southern city
of Montpellier being one of the best places at this time of year.

This year, the event will be taking place between December 4
and 27, meaning that there is plenty of time to visit and explore the city at
this magical time of year.

The centre of Montpellier encapsulates the true
essence of a Mediterranean Christmas, with the Esplanade Charles de Gaulle and
the Place de la Comedie lined with stalls and numerous activities to get
involved in.

Among the lights and colours, you?ll discover stalls filled
with local delicacies, artisanal crafts and all sorts of wonderful gifts,
including scented candles, handmade lace, wines and perfumes. The stalls stay
true to their roots as well ? rather than using the chalets borrowed from
German markets, the market using cabins made from timber and reeds, true to the
style of the Carmargue cowboys.

Alongside the market, you?ll also be entertained by the
parades, as well as the guided tours through the city, accompanied by a glass
of mulled wine, and art fairs, showcasing the best of the local talent.

If you?re planning on visiting Montpellier during this
wonderful time of year, visit our website to browse our Languedoc villa
collection ? each designed to ensure you enjoy the perfect French holiday.

Image: Wolfgang Staudt, available
under Creative Commons

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