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moroccan foods

One of Morocco?s main draws is its top-notch cuisine, a
unique blend of both Mediterranean and African influences, waiting to be
sampled both in the cosy local restaurants and the street food stalls, its enticing
aroma found around every corner. Below are just some of the foods and drinks
you should try while in this wonderful country ? you?ll be sure to want to take
some home!


A traditional starter originating from Fes, this tasty snack
can be picked up from street food vendors throughout Morocco?s biggest cities.
B?stillas are made with layers of thin pastry, filled with a combination of pigeon
meat, eggs, almonds and a blend of spices.


A favourite snack for those on the go, ma?qoodas are very
cheap and extremely delicious. All kinds of toppings from spicy harissa sauce
to a fried egg are added to the deep-fried potato base, before the result is
stuffed into a sandwich for a filling snack.


Traditionally, once Ramadan is over, the fast is broken with
a steaming bowl of harira, a hearty combination of tomatoes, lamb, chickpeas
and lentils finished off with lemon juice and coriander. This is about as
authentic as it gets in Morocco, the ingredients being the main base for
several other Moroccan favourites.


Chebakia are fried sesame cookies, sweetened with masses of
honey or syrup, and are a favourite treat amongst the locals. They are
especially popular during Ramadan, and are often served with harira soup.
Although factory-made versions are easily available from the shops, make sure
to get the real deal freshly made by a street vendor.

Mint tea

If you?re out relaxing or socialising in one of the Moroccan
cafes, you?ll see that the Moroccan drink of choice is mint tea. The drink is
seen as a symbol of friendship and hospitality, and is normally served heavily
sweetened and steeped with sprigs of spearmint, poured from a teapot. Mint tea
is enjoyed by Moroccans at any time of the day, from after lunch to late in the

If you?re looking to sample one of the world?s most
celebrated cuisines while taking in the unique atmosphere and the laidback
lifestyle of this wonderful country, visit our website to find out more about
our luxury villas in Morocco.

Image: Kimberly
, available under Creative Commons

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