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morocco: the destination for families who love adventure

Morocco might be just a few miles from mainland Europe, but it’s like a whole new world, and definitely has plenty to capture a child’s imagination. The souqs of Marrakesh are endlessly fascinating, camel rides against the backdrop of the Atlas Mountains are equally memorable. 
If you are looking to stay at our luxury villas in Morocco with a pool in the coming months, we have put together the reasons why Morocco is the holiday destination for families who love adventure. There are several things children love about Morocco, but these are by far the highlights of the country. 
Mountain walks
Though a day of walking may not sound like an appealing adventure, a mountain walk in the breath-taking Atlas Mountains, with a guide and mule, is an experience never to forget. There are lots of routes to take that are more child-friendly too. 
Camel rides in Essaouira 
Children will cherish the experience of riding on a camel in the desert, with popular destinations being Merzouga, the Sahara and Draa Valley. In beautiful Essaouira, you can also ride camels along the beaches too. 
Water sports in Essaouira 
Morocco’s long stretch of coastline next to the Atlantic Ocean makes is ideal for water sports, particularly surfing. Head to the beach at Essaouira or the beach at Agadir for young children for endless fun in the sea. 
Wander the Souqs
Taking the kids to the shops at home may be a chore, but in Morocco, the markets are something else. Places like Jemaa el-Fna is like nothing else. The large markets, or souqs, are almost a sensory overload; there are food, spices, animals, people and entertainers that children will just love, and want to return to every day. 
Oualidia Lagoon
Get away from the heat and busy streets of Marrakesh and head to Oualidia. The safe, calm waters on a wide sandy beach are a wonderful way to spend your day relaxing with the family. The water is good to swim in, and you can build as many sand castles as you want on the beach. 
Jardin Majorelle
At Jardin Majorelle, children can enjoy a plethora of amusements and games among some amazing plants and the bright blue villa. There is also art to discover and more at the Musée Berbère. 
Moroccan Food
Along with the physical adventures, Morocco provides plenty of opportunities to have an adventure with food. The markets sell delicious fruit and veg (be sure to wash and clean them first!) then there are tajines, couscous, soups like harira and locally fried doughnuts are a sweet treat. 
Meeting locals
Moroccans are friendly, especially to children. As many locals are from large families, they are often happy to accommodate children, from places in the markets to restaurants. And as children are naturally curious, you are more likely to meet the locals and break the ice and make friends. 
Top Tips
Morocco may be just four hours travel time from London, but it has a completely different culture and different customs. When travelling as a family, take a day on your arrival to adjust and acclimatise. Trying to cram everything in from the get-go will lead to tired and grumpy children. 
To avoid upset stomachs, stick to piping hot tajines, purified or bottled water and have hand sanitiser on hand at all times. Though you may want to try all the delicious Moroccan food, be sure to not indulge in lots of rich food and have some western food you are familiar with such as pizza and pasta. 
Morocco has sun all year round, though the evenings are a lot cooler in the evening. The sun can lead to sunburn, heat exhaustion and dehydration to those not used to continuous good weather. Bring high-factor sunscreen with you, avoid exhaustive activities around midday and drink plenty of water. 
Keep children away from animals too. Though they may want to pet the dogs and donkeys you see everywhere, there may be a risk of disease. Of course, the camels available to ride in the desert have a very low risk. 
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