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nice – a guide for new visitors

The desirable capital of Côte d’Azure follows the stunning curve of the aptly named Bay of Angles. With soft white sand and azure water, the enticement of this A-listers location is apparent both at the shores edge, as well as the streets of this seductive city. If you are new to visiting this desirable destination, we have a handful of must-see’s while you are there!



Vieux Nice Port

Vieux Nice Port
A visit to this celebrated part of France would not be complete without visiting the Old Port. Lined with luxurious yachts and fantastic bars and restaurants, it is a place of inspiration. Spend an hour or two admiring the boats coming in and out of the port to harbour while sipping on a delicious and refreshing fruity cocktail while enjoying the Mediterranean vibes.



Castle Hill

Castle Hill presents one of the most exceptional panoramic views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea. Although the climb can be a challenge for some (it has over 300 steps), the sights to be admired at the top make the excursion worthwhile, alternatively, hop aboard the free lift that guides you up. Whichever way you choose to get there, it’s likely you will be in awe of the view – don’t forget to take your camera.



Bay of Angles

The Bay of Angels
This magnificent stretch of sand is one of the primary reasons Nice is so famous. As the waves lap close to the nearby Promenade, it is the perfect urban escape and offers visitors a complimentary mix of breath-taking natural beauty and the vibrancy of one of France’s most cosmopolitan cities. Many spend their entire holiday admiring the glistening ocean from the bay while strolling up and down its length. A common recollection is when a first-time visitor first experiences their eyes being greeted by this remarkable beach. As you fly into the nearby airport, the beginning of a memorable holiday is marked by the captivating view of the Bay of Angels, as people relax along the coast, enjoying a drink or two and sampling some of the ocean inspired dishes at one of the many restaurants.



Promenade des Anglais

Mirroring the captivating curve of the bay is the equally as famed promenade. Running the entirety of the length of the beach, it reaches almost five miles. Large palm trees offer glimpses of shade for the cyclists, skaters, bikers and Segway riders who cruise along absorbing the addictive atmosphere and taking in the world-renowned view. Stretched along the promenade are several points of interest, perfect for those holiday snaps! Keep an eye out for Niçoise Sabine Géraudie’s giant iron sculpture.



Palais Masséna

Discover the rich heritage of Nice during a glimpse into how life once was for the aristocrats that governed the city throughout history. What was once a glamorous palace is now one of the finest museums along the promenade, and the architectural qualities are equally as pleasing as the fascinating collections and exhibits. With more than 20 rooms, a tour of the building is a delightful way to spend part of your day. Each one displays something of interest, with antique furniture, historic artwork and personal effects from the Massena family. The show-stopping exhibit presents memorabilia from Napoleon, with a cape and tiara which was once wore by Josephine, as well as letters that the couple shared.



Will you be visiting this aspiring city on your next holiday to France? The bustle and atmosphere of the city can be addictive, and we warn you, it’s highly likely you will want to return to this cosmopolitan hub! Whether that’s for the culture or the jaw-dropping scenery, immersion in this destination is all too easy! Take a look at our holiday villas on the French Riviera to find yourself a dream-like escape during your time here!

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