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Every January, in the midst of winter, the city of Nîmes in
Languedoc comes to life with fiery flamenco, as the city celebrates the
Flamenco Festival at the Theatre de Nîmes and several other venues.

The festival will also return to the city between 15-23
January 2016, having already been a success for over 20 years.

Although Nîmes
is hundreds of miles from the Spanish border, it has strong links with Spain
and Catalonia, as also shown in the Feria bull fighting festival, though there
is no better way to celebrate a proud Spanish connection that with the
quintessential Spanish dance.

Situated near several of our villas in Languedoc, the
festival is a showcase for several leading names in flamenco from Spain as well
as for several new and upcoming talents in the genres of song, music and dance,
and is an excellent breeding ground for local talent.

Alongside the numerous performances and concerts, there will
also be a host of other events taking place during the festival, including
accompanying exhibitions, film shows, lectures, and courses, all contributing
to an exciting and vibrant atmosphere which can be experienced all over the

Image: Flavio, available under
Creative Commons

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