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In towns and cities across both regions of Normandy, the
Normandy Impressionist Festival, which celebrates France’s rich artistic
heritage, is to return for its third edition between April 16 and September 26
2016 – an ideal event to visit for art lovers staying in our villas in Normandy.

After the success of its 2010 and 2013 festivals, the event
will bring a larger programme than ever of exhibitions, theatre, dance and
festivities. Many impressionist masterpieces from around the world are brought
together for the event, with the exhibitions not only displaying works from the
age of impressionism but also some of the best contemporary interpretations of
the genre found today. Artists from France and all over the world will also be
invited to produce new works based on impressionist themes specially for the

Two of the festival’s other aims are to educate the area
about its artistic heritage, as well as to bring people together to participate
in the festivities. Numerous events will also be dedicated to children, both in
cultural centres and outdoors, inspiring a new generation of impressionist

Impressionism first came about in the 1870s, and is
associated with the modern age of art, with the first artists leaving the
streets of Paris and heading to the countryside in search of beautiful sky,
water, landscapes and light to paint. Due to its relative proximity to Paris,
Normandy inspired some of the greatest works of the impressionist movement,
with artists such as Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Paul Gauguin and Edouard Manet
all showing their appreciation for the region by putting paint to canvas.
Groups of impressionists also formed in Normandy, most notably the School of
Rouen, with neo-impressionist painters such as Georges Seurat also following in
their predecessors’ footsteps. 

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