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normandy scallops

Every year, the charming port of Grandcamp-Maisy, situated
on the north coast of Normandy, celebrates the opening of the fishing zone for
Red Label scallops in Baie de Seine, with their very own annual festival, known
as the Fete de la Coquille.

This year the festival returns on December 5 and 6.

Taking place near several of our villas in Northern France,
the festival is an excellent showcase for one of the staples of the local
cuisine, and here you?ll be able to sample some of the dishes they are used in
prepared by local chefs and learn more about how they are prepared in the
cooking demonstrations.

Alongside the food-based activities, you?ll also be able to
take part in a celebration of maritime life in Normandy, with a host of events
going on including maritime concerts, street animation and guided tours of
trawlers and fishing boats, with the festival ending on the Sunday with a
dazzling firework display.

First established in 2007, the festival has become a popular
winter event ever since, and is a great opportunity to sample the freshest
local cuisine ? you can even buy some to take home with you from the fish

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