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On October 1 2016, across the world people will be
celebrating the second annual International Coffee Day, celebrating the journey
the humble coffee bean makes from the farm right through to the steaming cups
you enjoy in the coffee shop. In celebration of this global event, we shine a
light on the coffee culture in France – an important aspect of the country’s
everyday life.

Drinking coffee at a café is one of the most popular ways in
France to unwind and socialise with friends, with the outdoor terraces you’ll
often find there the perfect place for some people-watching. Coffee in France,
however, is quite different to coffee in the UK – there are less varieties, some
varieties you will only find in France and traditions surrounding what coffee
you order and when. Here are just some of the main varieties of coffee you can
order in France and their English equivalents.

– Although
café translates to coffee in English, in France, the word café is often
interpreted to mean that you are ordering an espresso. These drinks will often
contain a single shot of espresso served in a small coffee cup known as a

Café Americain
This is your standard black coffee, which we also refer to as an Americano. It
consists of a single shot of espresso topped up with hot water to fill a
regular-sized coffee cup.

Café au lait
Like a latte, this is a standard coffee topped up with milk, which takes the
edge off a strong espresso. The French typically only drink a café au lait with
breakfast. Sometimes, in some traditional and neighbourhood cafes, this is
served in a bowl rather than a cup, known as a bol de café.

Café cappuccino
The French version of the cappuccino is slightly different to the one we expect
here in the UK. It tends to consist of around thirty percent espresso, fifty
percent milk and twenty percent froth. You won’t find cappuccinos served with
whipped cream in French cafes unless it is one which caters specially to

Café crème
– A
richer version of the café au lait, the café crème instead uses either fresh
cream or combination of cream and milk to top up the coffee drink. This is
either added to your drink or served on the side so you can add as much cream
as you wish.

If you’re planning a stay at one of our luxury French
, be sure to pay a visit to a local café and get a taste of one of the
country’s most popular drinks.


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