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travel guide: lake trasimeno

Despite its travel appeal and beautiful scenery, Lake Trasimeno and the towns that surround it still remain something of an undiscovered gem. Located at the heart of Italy, this inland pool of shimmering freshwater offers visitors the chance to have a coastal holiday, without actually being on the coast.

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outdoor activities in the alpilles natural regional park

Located in the south of France, roughly 90km from the beautiful city of Marseille lays the Alpilles Natural Regional Park. Comparatively small to other national and regional parks in the country, the region’s surface area is 510km squared, smaller than both Écrins and Mercantour National Parks, to the north and east respectively.

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6 best museums on the amalfi coast

The Amalfi Coast exemplifies the idyllic Italian lifestyle that travellers are often in search of when they make the trip to this small coastal stretch of paradise

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6 traditional towns (and cities) in the south of france

The region of the South of France is a place synonymous with glamour and extravagance, with it being a popular holiday destination for high-profile celebrities to escape from their busy lifestyles and relax on some of the finest sun-soaked beaches in Europe.

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places to visit on the amalfi coast

The Amalfi Coast is a gorgeous area of Italy, where picturesque villages sit atop terraces on cliffs that stretch down into tranquil, turquoise waters. There […]

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made in france: macarons

There’s several things the French do exceptionally well, including beautiful beaches, fantastic festivals and delicious dishes. The country is renowned for the plethora of culinary […]

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