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paris floating taxis

Paris will be one of the first cities to test out the SeaBubble, currently in development – a floating vehicle designed to quickly transport people over water.

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easter in france

Easter, or Paques in French, is an important holiday in France, celebrated with its own traditions, many of them revolving around food.

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The first European World Tour stage race of the season, Paris-Nice, will get underway from March 6-13, testing those also competing in July’s Tour de France.

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tours visitor guide

A brief guide to the city of Tours, one of the Loire Valley’s most enchanting cities, located on the banks of both the rivers Loire and Cher.

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largest wine barrel

The world’s largest wine barrel has been made in the southern France region of Languedoc-Roussillon, capable of holding around 300,000 litres of wine.

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normandy impressionist

In towns and cities across both regions of Normandy, the Normandy Impressionist Festival, is to return for its third edition between April 16 and September 26 2016.

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st valentin

While France has been long associated with romance, there’s one place that’s more romantic than anywhere else – the little village of St Valentin.

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2016 events

Packed with annual traditions as well as sporting and one-off events, 2016 in France is shaping up to be a great year, promising something for everyone.

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sunday shopping

New reforms now mean that towns such as the French Riviera resorts of Cannes and Nice will now be able to open their shops on Sundays.

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provence lavender

The southern French region of Provence is synonymous with its sweeping lavender fields – their colour, texture and scent all capturing the essence of Provence.

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