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fete de la noix

One of the Dordogne region?s premier food festivals is the Fête de la Noix, which celebrates the area?s rich cuisine of nuts, especially walnuts, in the town of Sarlat.

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euro 2016 cities

From June 10-July 10, France will be the host of Europe?s biggest football tournament, Euro 2016, with matches taking place in nine cities.

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violet festival

The Violet Festival, or ?Fête des Violettes?, has been a long-standing tradition in Tourrettes-sur-Loup, just a few miles from the French Riviera.

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bordeaux attractions

Situated on the River Garonne, Bordeaux is the capital of France?s world-famous wine region, home to numerous 18th and 19th century mansions as well as museums.

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fete du citron

From February 13th, the French Riviera town of Menton transforms into the ?City of Lemons? during its famous annual event, the Fête du Citron.

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cultural influence

A new study from the US News and World Report has ranked France as the best for offering global cultural influence, putting Italy in second place.

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