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A new and unique cultural venue in Rouen, near our villas in
, Panorama XXL, has allowed visitors to enjoy the ultimate immersion
experience, witnessing spectacular scenes from across time and space on a grand
and epic scale.

Upon entering, visitors stand in the midst of a 35
metre-high rotunda ? equivalent to a 12-storey building ? which measures 101
metres long. The rotunda appears even larger on the inside than it does on the

Currently the panorama is displaying its second exhibition,
Amazonia, which will be showing until March 2016. The Amazonia exhibition takes
you on an extraordinary journey through its vast rainforests, fascinating
wildlife and complex ecosystem ? all without having to move from the spot. In
March 2016, the theme of the exhibition will change in order to create an image
of medieval Rouen.

The panorama is the work of German artist Yadegar Asisi, who
specialises in creating realistic circular photographic prints. He combines
painting, drawing and photography to create truly mesmerising effects on his
illusions, which can be contemplated and reflected on from the several viewing
platforms found around the centre. His art is reminiscent of the large-scale
panoramic paintings that were once popular during the 19th century,
which often featured, much like his work, wide-angle representations of
historical events and natural landscapes.

Image: Frederic Bisson, available
under Creative Commons

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