Classical and contemporary artwork exhibiting at Siena’s Piazza del Duomo

22nd July, 2016
For any art lovers who are planning on enjoying a relaxing stay at one of our Siena villas this summer, there will be many delights that await them in the heart of the city, at the Piazza del Duomo.

Two exciting exhibitions are making an appearance well into the autumn, providing an excellent artistic contrast of both the classical and the contemporary in a city which boasts both fascinating history and an excellent modern culture scene.

Lovers of both classical art and architecture alike will be dazzled by the intricate marble floors of Siena’s cathedral, which are normally covered up out of sight from the public. It will therefore be an amazing experience for visitors and a rare opportunity to marvel at the elaborate designs. Created over more than five hundred years between the 1300s and 1800s, the designs lay out important narratives from the Christian faith and were made using elaborate etching techniques. Many acclaimed artists contributed to the floors, among them Domenico di Bartolo, Domenico Beccafumi and Matteo di Giovanni. First unveiled to the public on June 29, the floors will be on display for visitors until July 31, before access is opened once again from August 18 to October 26.

In contrast, the Santa Maria della Scala museum complex will be hosting an exhibition titled Winter Flowers in New York, by leading contemporary artist Francesco Clemente. Showcasing ten never-seen-before unpublished paintings, the exhibition is inspired by several varieties of flowers and was created over a five-year period while working with curator Max Seidel. Winter Flowers in New York will be appearing at the museum well into the autumn, hosting the exhibition until October 2. 

Image: Julie F, available under Creative Commons