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places to visit on the amalfi coast

The Amalfi Coast is a gorgeous area of Italy, where picturesque villages sit atop terraces on cliffs that stretch down into tranquil, turquoise waters. There is plenty to explore in this area, as the Amalfi Coast is not just one town, but rather a collection of unique towns and villages, which each offer a diverse look into Italian life. With a variety of towns and over 100 beaches to explore, it can be a little daunting at first to pick where you should visit when staying on the Amalfi Coast. To help you get the most out of your holiday and save you time, we have put together our guide to the best places to visit on the Amalfi Coast!


It’s not hard to see why Sorrento is one of the most popular locations on the Amalfi Coast. Renowned for its stunning scenery, the town sits upon the coast, with two ports bustling with sailing and fishing boats. The buildings are bright and impressive, with the 11th century cathedral of Sorrento being a highlight of the area’s architecture. Plus, the town of Sorrento is the easiest place to reach on the Amalfi Coast, making it the perfect starting point for people not yet accustomed to the infamous Amalfi Coast roads! As well as being a popular destination, Sorrento is also famous for its Limoncello, which originates from this area.


The town that gives its name to the whole coastline is, unsurprisingly, the largest town in the area, and offers one of the widest range of activities. Both pebble and sandy beaches can be found in this area, making Amalfi a brilliant and beautiful coastal town perfect for relaxing in the sun. With a rich history as a port town, there are some impressive medieval buildings to explore here, as well as the cathedral and Piazza del Duomo.


Positano is the picture-perfect town on the coast, with pretty-coloured houses staggered up the steep cliffs that sit above the stunning shores of the Amalfi coastline. Climb the steps to the top of the town to get unparalleled views of the town – and some impressive holiday snaps – or stay by the gorgeous sandy beach, which is framed by glamourous bars, luxurious restaurants and upscale boutiques.


More of a laidback atmosphere can be found in Atrani, which is typically less busy and more relaxed than many of the other locations on the Amalfi Coast. As the smallest town in southern Italy, it is best to explore Atrani on foot, as you wander through medieval architecture and discover more about this tiny town’s history!


Another quieter town is Praiano, which is a small town with big views! The beaches here are incredible, and receive sunlight from sunrise to the gorgeous sunsets, making this the perfect spot for those who love to relax on the sand. If you’re more into the active lifestyle, then Praiano is also the ideal spot to start hiking, with the famous ancient Path of the Gods starting at this location! 


A hilltop paradise for lovers of nature, Ravello is another glamorous location on the Amalfi Coast, and is famous for its gorgeous gardens and incredible views. A truly romantic spot, you’ll feel at peace as you stroll through the Villa Cimbrone, where you can discover the breathtaking views offered by the Terrace of Infinity. Ravello is typically less of a tourist hotspot, as its mountainside location makes beach access tricky, so you’ll be able to enjoy a more relaxed day enjoying local cuisine, architecture and art.


Another small town with all day sun, Minori is a popular spot for beach-goers, but there is far more to this location than sunbathing! Famous for its pasta, this town is a foodie’s dream. Producing fresh, expertly made pasta that is enjoyed throughout the entire country, the restaurants in Minori should be on the visit list for all gourmands.

If you feel inspired to visit any of these incredible locations, then it is important to find the perfect base for your adventures on the Amalfi Coast. Our luxury holiday villas on the Amalfi Coast are ideally situated for exploring this beautiful part of Italy!

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