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plan a stress-free group holiday with these tips

Group holidays are a great idea at their inception. What is better than exploring a beautiful part of the world with your close family and friends, creating fond memories for you children? Fairly often, however, a group holiday will not make it past the initial idea, but these tips can help you plan for the perfect holiday and get it working.
Pick the Right Group
The dynamic and chemistry between the people in the group is very for important for the holiday to work. It is ideal to travel with people who are like-minded in terms of interests, personality and budgets, or people who can compromise and respect others’ interests, even if it doesn’t suit their own. By having a group of people who get along and can spend time together without tension, you can guarantee a much more enjoyable holiday.
Assign Duties and Goals
In the early planning stages, the duties and goals should be laid out. These include the destination, dates, budgets, activities for the holiday and so on. Leaving one person to manage it is very unfair and a lot of work for that person, so splitting the duties between the adults of the group means everyone is equally responsible for planning the trip. However, make someone the group leader, who can oversee everything being planned. Giving everyone duties also keeps people involved and happy. Put someone in charge of the flights, another to sort out accommodation, another for booking activities at your holiday destination, and so on.
Meetings and Communication
Meeting up frequently and having constant communication comes in handy when planning a group holiday. These meetings can be to check in with everyone to see how far along they are with their duties and to come up with new ideas if someone has hit a roadblock. If frequent meetings are difficult, use group chats via WhatsApp, set up a Facebook group and do face-to-face chats such as Skype to keep the conversation about the holiday flowing. This means that any issue that arises can be dealt with straight away.
Create an Itinerary
Creating an itinerary for a holiday is crucial. Select a member of the group who is organised to put it together. The ideal itinerary should factor in timing; ensure everything is realistic in the timing such as getting from A to B and not underestimating the time it takes to do an activity. Also, make sure free time is included, allocating free time to the families and adults within the group to pursue individual activities or just have time to relax alone keeps everyone happy. The next step is getting everyone to agree to the proposed itinerary and amending it to suit everyone, if possible.
Get Everyone on Board
Before departing for your holiday to luxury villas in Morocco or Italy, have one last meet up with the whole group, children too. If they are old enough, tell them the plan for the holiday, so they are prepared for what’s to come, such as the long flight, and excited for other things, like a day at the beach. If you are going to a country with different customs to your own, be sure to give a few bits of information about how to behave and be respectful of other cultures. You may be surprised how much the kids take this on board.
Avoid Certain Topics
Though this may be something you don’t have to worry about, avoiding certain topics of conversation such as politics can help the group holiday run a lot smoother. Everyone will want to circumvent arguments arising, so banning topics that could cause friction is a good way to make the holiday stay fun for everyone.
Enjoy It
Most importantly, when the planning is all done, enjoy the holiday! Of course, a group holiday, especially with kids, is bound to have a few issues, but if everyone goes into it with a calm and level head and everything planned out, any issues can be solved quickly. Stay flexible about things too, and be prepared to make a few changes, then hopefully you will have a fantastic group holiday with your loved ones to look back on fondly.
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