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the essential guide to travelling in style with smart aviation

Traditionally, the days before departing on your next holiday can be an incredibly stressful time. Although exciting, you can often also feel overwhelmed with the organisation process and travelling. In a study conducted by CPP’s credit card provider, a quarter of people who arrived at their holiday destination by airplane felt that the experience was more stressful than moving house!
While we believe that the preparation is a key to a smooth and efficient start to your holiday, as you can read in our blog about arranging a stress free holiday here, there are some factors when it comes to air travel, which are simply out of your hands. Airport delays, long queues and often having to travel for hours to your departure destination before even boarding the plane can cause stress amongst travellers, and with young children in tow can be an altogether exhausting experience.
Travelling privately may seem like something that is only set aside for celebrities and royalty, but hiring your own aircraft to get you to your destination is actually more accessible than you might think! Indulging in a sumptuous air travel is not a new phenomenon, so when booking your next trip, why not extend the feeling of luxury during your travel? The extravagance of flying first class has been growing year-on-year, with hoards of new features becoming available for those who decide to upgrade their seats. Despite this though, flyers are still faced with set flight times and locations, as well as high prices.
One of the perks about flying privately is the benefit of arranging your travel to fit your schedule. The convenience of selecting departure times and where you choose to leave is largely beneficial in helping the effortless nature of your getaway. Having the ability to handpick your location means that the worry of battling hours of travel before you have even boarded the plane are minimised. In addition to this, private jets can fly into many airports than commercial flights can not, opening new doors on the sites that you can reach.
In a study by the Chief Marketing Officer, one of the biggest annoyances for travellers is handling crowds and congestion at the airport, with 36.1% finding the stressful experience. While you are waiting to board a commercial flight to your holiday destination, there are going to be upwards of 50 other people waiting to also ascend the aircraft. With a private jet charter, there are no other passengers meaning that there are no additional queues. As a result of this, those travelling on board a private flight need only arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled flight time, so the hours of trying to entertain each member of your party while waiting for a flight are gone!
Chances are, you have seen pictures of celebrities on board a private jet, their bodies draped in their seat, surrounded by nothing but space. If you are looking for a private jet or a private jet, then you will be able to find the best deal for a private jet. In addition to this, catering options are available as well as the option to take your pets on the flight with you.
Smart Aviation, an independent aircraft charter broker that specialises in private jet charter, understands the importance of tailoring your flight arrangements to suit you. Consisting of a team of charter specialists who have over 125 combined years of specialised work in the field, you will find it unlikely to find a company that is better suited to providing you with the best flight possible!
Offering a customised and personalised experience to suit your trip, there is no better way to arrive on holiday than by private jet. Smart Aviation will carefully consider every element of your flight, and we are overjoyed to have Smart Aviation as one of our approved partners. With a range of optional extra services, including limousine transfers, on-board catering and on-board cabin crew,
So, if you’re planning on booking a luxury villa France for your next vacation, why not also consider a private jet charter to transfer you to your next holiday destination? We’re sure that it will make your trip one that you will never forget.
If you’ve ever flown with Smart Aviation before, we’d love to hear about it! So, contact us on one of our social channels with what you love the most about flying privately!

If you’re looking for more information about Smart Aviation, check out their website here.

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