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pomme d’orange

Taking place in the small town of Peillac in Brittany, every
December La Pomme d?Orange festival (?orange apple?) is celebrated, and is a
fantastic event to attend for you and your family just a short distance from
our Brittany villas.

The name of the festival derives from the old Christmas
tradition of filling stockings with either oranges or coal, depending on if the
person has been good or bad. It is also traditional for the mayor to give away
a huge supply of oranges to the 1700 or so people who live there.

Festivities begin in early December, stretching right the
way through to the Epiphany in January, when the town then celebrates by
enjoying a giant galette des rois made by Peillac?s bakers and served at the
town fair. A galette des rois is a special almond tart, which contains a tiny
figurine inside known as a feve. If your slice contains the feve, you become
the king or queen of the town and wear a paper crown for the day.

Throughout the festival, however, the main focus of the
festival is on children and storytelling, and families can expect to hear all
sorts of entertaining fairy tales and Christmas stories accompanied by actors
and musicians, who perform while wearing traditional costumes.

Image: Nathan Siemers, available under
Creative Commons

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