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Located on Italy’s world-famous Amalfi Coast, the town of
Praiano is an underrated gem often overlooked in favour of the larger towns of
Amalfi and Positano nearby. Many flock to this glorious stretch of coastline
for its unbeatable sea views and golden beaches, and Praiano without a doubt
has its fair share. Here’s some of the picturesque and unforgettable coastal
spots you’ll fall in love with during a stay at our Praiano villas.

Marina di Praia

Situated at the foot of a staggering cliff, the Marina di
Praia looks out not only over the glistening waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea but
also up to an ancient Saracen watch tower standing proudly on the clifftop
above. Here you can enjoy an extremely romantic walk along the pebbled beach,
taking you all the way around the cliff, while there also a number of excellent
restaurants as well as the Africana, one of the Amalfi Coast’s most fashionable
clubs, to enjoy.


Measuring just 30 metres long, Gavitella is one of the
Amalfi Coast’s most sought-after beaches to visit, if you are up to descending
the hundreds of steep steps you need to climb down to reach it from Praiano’s
main square. More space, however, has been created in the form of two concrete
platforms, meaning more people are able to enjoy the beach’s spectacular view
of Positano, Li Galli and Capri, especially during the dazzling sunset. If
you’re looking to spend the day at the beach, it’s also home to a lido, as well
as an excellent restaurant serving both lunch and dinner. For those who are
unable to get down (or up) the steps to the beach, you can also reach Gavitella
beach by a shuttle boat, which departs from both the Marina di Praia and Positano’s
Marina Grande.


Located just down the road from Praiano is the incredible
village of Furore, which is situated within a fjord. It is one of the most
fascinating geological features to be seen along the whole of the Amalfi Coast,
and also features its own beach. As the beach only catches the sun during the
early hours of the morning, it never gets too hot here. The beach can also be
seen from the bridge above, which stretches along the entirety of the fjord,
and opposite the beach, you’ll also find the old fishing village, where a
museum dedicated to the village’s history can now be found. Every year, the
beach is also home to a spectacular outdoor event in the form of a diving

Image: Fiore
S Barbato
, Michael
, available under Creative Commons

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