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quality villas’ new website has been launched

Friday 27th October saw the launch of our redesigned website! With new, easy to navigate pages, booking your dream vacation has never been easier. So, whether you are looking for luxury villas in Italy for your next trip, or are interested in browsing our wide range of family-friendly accommodations, there’s never been a better time to do so!
When choosing your ideal backdrop for your next getaway, having the ability to search for properties that depend on your specification makes it so easy. Our new ‘Inspiration’ tag sorts villas in categories based on what they are perfect for. Whether you are after a baby or toddler-friendly villa or simply for a villa with a pool, this tool is bound to come in useful!
Being able to search for more details means that your holiday can be catered perfectly to your needs. No matter what your chosen destination is, having the ability to browse through each location allows you and your family to pick the best setting for your trip while getting wowed by the images of each of our wonderful properties.
With the relaunch of our website comes new, more image focussed pages. Here at Quality Villas, we are proud of the beautiful range of luxury villas that we have on offer, so offering you the chance to view images of our accommodation allows you to contemplate you and your family enjoying any future holidays that you may be tempted to book!
If you’re blown away by the vast array of locations and villas that we have on offer, the booking process can seem daunting. Now, with one quick click of a button, all your favorite villas can be kept in one place, meaning you can quickly go back and view your shortlist whenever you wish! Another benefit of this function is that you can also download your list to mull over later, or, if you’re arranging a group trip, email your top picks over to a friend for their input!
At Quality Villas, making sure your vacation is all you can ever want to be and is of paramount importance. With our new redesign, planning your next vacation could not be easier. If you’d like more information about any of our available accommodation options, get in touch today. Or, if you’re wondering which area is ideal for your trip, why not take a look at our range of blogs, covering a variety of locations to offer you more insight into your chosen destination?
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