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5 reasons why we have fallen in love with tuscany

From the simplicity of life in the depths of the country to the cosmopolitan bustle of the cities, Tuscany is a unique destination, offering an authentic experience fused with a modern and contemporary edge. A region that proudly celebrates its layered history and entwines it with the every-day of the current world. This delicate balance old and new creates a unique, exciting and irresistible holiday destination, the lure of which keeps visitors returning time and time again, with each trip instilling endless wonder. Discover just why this stunning region of Italy is so easy to fall head over heels in love with.


World-Renowned Landmarks

Drenched in history, it’s no surprise that some of the most exceptional and famed landmarks of the world can be found in Tuscany. The icon of Italy, and possibly one of the most photographed landmarks on the globe, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is a remarkable sight, and for those who dare to tackle the 294 steps to its unintentionally tilting top will be rewarded with outstanding views of the city Pisa.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

More Tuscan landmarks:
• The Florence Cathedral
• The Medici Villas and Gardens
• The Uffizi Gallery
• San Gimignano and the famed Towers
• Pont Vecchio


Exceptional Landscapes – Coast to Mountain Tops

No matter the time of year, Tuscany rewards those who head out of the cities and towns and immerse themselves in what is an incredible landscape.
With a lengthy coastline, varying from captivating golden sanded beaches backed by bars and restaurants to wild and isolated pebble coves. Much of the stretch of coast is untouched, with thick pine woods backing the azure waters, but for those looking to remain close to civilisation, there are plenty of beautiful options too!

Whether its hiking, skiing or mountain biking, the mountains of Tuscany are a playground for outdoor lovers. The majestic and magical scenes lend themselves to a range of sports, as well as providing a breath-taking backdrop for a holiday of rest and relaxation.

Views of the Tuscany countryside.


Rich History and Culture

With what is likely the highest concentration of Renaissance art in the world, and boasting collections from artists such as Giotto, Buontalenti, Michelangelo and more, the social identity of Tuscany is portrayed in the many masterpieces that the region proudly holds. Frequently referred to as an ‘open-air museum’, it isn’t just the collections presented in galleries that are worth noting and as you explore the streets of the historic centres, you’ll discover ancient churches, famed Piazza’s and palaces, each ranging in styles, from Romanesque, Gothic, Byzantine, neoclassical and more.

The region has no less than seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites and evidence of population since the Bronze Age, for those interested in taking a step back in time and discovering the Tuscan timeline, there is a wealth of history awaiting!

The dome of Florence Cathedral in Tuscany



Freshly made pasta is, of course, one of the first foods that comes to mind when considering any culinary journey in Italy, but, like most other regions of the country, there are specialities of the area. The food made and served is fresh, simple and cooked to perfection. Bread graces most dishes, and panzanella makes the most of the loaves which are past their best, the vibrant and colourful salad makes a healthy and delicious light lunch. Although if you’re looking for something a little more filling and indulgent, the renowned Tuscan steak is a must-try during your visit, with the meat coming from the special cow breed, the Chianina.

Garlic on a board



Much of the wine produced in Tuscany is enjoyed all over the globe, with some of the most popular being the delectable Chianti and hearty Montepulciano. With ideal growing temperatures and rich and fertile soils, the wine produced varies across the region in flavour and colour. Wine has been produced in Tuscany for over 3,000 years, and the skill, art and experience which goes into each bottle makes each a pleasure to sip. Why not discover the top 5 wine regions in Tuscany before your visit?

Wine grapes in the sunshine.

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