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Though not as well-known as many of the coastal resorts of
the French Riviera, Arcachon Bay, located on the western coast, is a seaside
location well worth visiting. A bay of the Atlantic Ocean, Arcachon Bay, also
known as ‘Le Bassin’ (The Basin) by the locals, is a place of astounding
natural beauty which still remains a fairly well-kept secret to foreign
visitors. Here’s four reasons why it is worth visiting.


Archachon Bay first became famous for this form of
relaxation back in the 19th century, which the bourgeoisie of
Bordeaux would flock here to recharge their batteries. Balneotherapy involves
enjoying the curative benefits of bathing combined with relaxing massage,
providing the ultimate way to unwind. It is no surprise that today Arcachon Bay
has become a luxury resort for balneotherapy, with its scenic views
complementing the relaxing treatments on offer.

Delightful climate

Mild in the winter and warm in the summers, Arcachon Bay is
perfectly positioned for enjoying the sunshine all year round. Its relatively
dry climate means it’s also an ideal place to visit whatever the season. With
such beautiful weather, the stunning beaches are always a pleasure to visit!

Incredible views

Arcachon Bay features endless spectacular views which you’ll
find everywhere you look. From the beautiful views of the beach you can see
from our Cap Ferret villas to the towering sand dunes, the bay is brimming with
natural beauty. It’s home to the longest and tallest sand dune in the whole of
Europe in the form of Dune du Pilat, which is 107m high. If you’re looking for
stunning architecture, the bay is also home to some of the most beautiful in
Gironde, incorporating a range of different styles.

Delicious oysters

This part of France is well-known and highly-regarded for
its oyster farms, which produce some of the finest oysters in the country. The
region even has its very own oyster museum, which goes into great detail on how
the oysters are cultivated. If you want to sample some yourself, the best thing
to pair them with is a delicious glass of French white wine.

Image: SuperCar-RoadTrip, available under Creative Commons

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