Ten reasons why you should visit Brittany

12th February, 2016
Situated on the North West coast of France, the region on Brittany is just a short ferry ride from the UK, yet has a unique, Celtic-influenced culture and way of life all of its own. This beautiful part of France has something to suit everyone, from couples seeking romance to families seeking fun in the sun. Below are just ten reasons why you should book a stay in our Brittany villas:

2800km of stunning coastline

Being a coastal region, Brittany boasts 2800km of incredible coastline, with the scenery ranging from secluded islands to rugged pink granite formations and dramatic tall cliffs. There’s several seaside resorts perfect for families, each lined with fine sandy beaches.

Delicious seafood

With such a long coastline, naturally Brittany is also home to some of the world’s tastiest seafood. At low tide, you can even collect your own seafood, which is a popular pastime in Brittany. If you want something cooked by the pros, try the famous platter ‘plateau de fruits de mer’, or go for a hearty bowl of moule marinieres.

Cultural festivals

If it’s a new culture you’re looking to immerse yourself in, Brittany is steeped in it and is immensely proud of its Celtic heritage. In July and August especially, you’ll be able to join in with all kinds of festivities, from Celtic dance to religious processions and bagpipe music.

Historical monuments

After Paris, Brittany is France’s largest historical heritage region, home to over 2900 protected monuments, perfect for those who are fascinated in history. Choose from fortified towns such as St-Malo, medieval castles such as that of Fougeres or even a visit to the historic capital of Nantes among other historical attractions.

Hiking and cycling

For those who like to be active, you’ll find it easy to explore Brittany on foot or by bike. Cycle through the apple orchards or along the coastal path of the Cote Sauvage, or alternatively, hike through the Broceliande forest or over the Monts d’Arree moors – the choice is yours!


Food markets are still a vital element of daily life in many French towns and villages, popping up every week with their lively atmosphere and colourful displays. These are the best places to sample some fresh produce as well as local specialties, from fruit and vegetables to meat, fish and freshly baked bread.

Bird sanctuaries

Boasting around 800 islands and islets, Brittany is home to several species of bird-life you’ll struggle to spot anywhere else. Head off the beaten track and take a boat out to sea, where you’ll find a plethora of birds, especially around the islands of Brehat, Sein, Batz, Belle-Ile and Ile aux Moines in the Morbihan Gulf.


We’ve already mentioned the seafood, but there’s a whole host of other great cuisine to sample in Brittany, too. There’s restaurants to suit all budgets and appetites, and if you’re looking for a sweet snack, you can also stop at one of the many creperie restaurants you’ll find in the area.


Become at one with the water and enjoy some top-class sailing in Brittany, where it has always been a highly popular pastime. The vast majority of the sea resorts all have yachting clubs where equipment hire and sailing lessons are all on offer, or for a slower pace, gently cruise along over 600km of canals and rivers. If you’d rather watch the professionals in action, Brittany also hosts several boat races and regattas throughout the year.


Brittany’s mild climate means that you can visit all year around – in the summer temperatures are a pleasant 20-25°C while in the winter temperatures are between 8-15°C. Its positioning with the Gulf stream also means that it avoids the harsher weather experienced in the further north regions of France.

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Image: Eric Huybrechts, available under Creative Commons