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reasons to visit morocco

Although it’s within the same distance as many European
countries, Morocco is different and exotic, with its unique appeal making it a
destination worth visiting at any time of the year. On a holiday to Morocco,
you’ll discover a completely different world of sights, sounds, smells, tastes,
history and culture and be amazed by the sheer variety of experiences the
country has to offer. Here’s five great reasons why a stay at our villas in Morocco
is always a good idea!

A variety of landscapes

When it comes to natural scenery, Morocco really does have
it all. With endless deserts, lush green valleys, dramatic mountains and
stunning coastlines all to be found here, it’s perfect for hiking, photography,
and simply seeing some amazing sights. From traditional Berber villages to
bustling souks and mountaintop panoramas, there’s a real variety of places to
experience on a visit to Morocco. After a week here, you won’t believe that all
of the places you’ve seen were located just in one country.

A world-famous cuisine

Morocco’s food has become well-loved around the world, and
it’s easy to understand why. From fruity couscous to oven-baked tagines, the
variety of dishes on offer here really are tantalising. In the bigger cities,
you’ll be tempted by the amazing smells coming from around every corner, thanks
to the street food stalls which continue to act as the heart and soul of city
life. In the souks, you’ll also find some amazing spice stalls, overflowing
with colourful and aromatic spices of every kind.

Excellent beaches

Though Morocco is most famous for its elegant mosques,
lively cities and snow-topped Atlas Mountains, its beaches deserve far more
recognition. The beaches run alongside both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic,
taking in a variety of terrains from gorgeous blue-green sandy bays to rugged
and rocky cliffs. Whether you’re looking to soak up the sunshine, try out some
watersports or just take some amazing photos, you’re sure to be satisfied with
the beaches of Morocco.

Mesmerising cities

Each city in Morocco is different, and each offer something
which is bound to leave you wanting more. Essaouira, for instance, has a
laid-back coastal vibe, while in Marrakech you can shop and mingle with the
locals to your heart’s content. Whether you are seeking historic attractions,
amazing architecture, great shopping, stunning natural scenery or
world-renowned eateries, there’s a Moroccan city for you.

Amazing hospitality

The minute you arrive in Morocco, you’ll feel welcome.
Morocco is well known for the warm hospitality offered by its people, where
you’re in a small Berber village or a huge city. It’s a key part of the way of
life in Morocco, so don’t be surprised if you’re invited into a local’s home
for a glass of mint tea. While the sights, sounds, flavours and culture will
all feature in your lasting memories of Morocco, you’ll also hopefully hold the
people close to your heart.

Image: marfis75
on flickr
, available under Creative Commons 2.0

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