Five reasons to visit south-western France this autumn

14th October, 2016
While the days of sunning it up on the French Riviera may be coming to an end for this year, thereís still plenty of reasons to head to France for a holiday this autumn. South-western France in particular has much to offer, and for many who have visited the region before, autumn is the best time to go.

Hereís why you should pack your bags and escape to south-western France this autumn.

No crowds

The throngs of tourists who once packed the beaches and the city centres have now gone, leaving just a few other visitors who have spotted the regionís autumn appeal. Youíll have the endless sandy beaches of Aquitaine to yourself, perfect for a relaxing stroll, while the landmarks in places such as Bordeaux will also be relatively quiet.

Beautiful weather

Despite summer having come to an end, the weather in south-western France often remains extremely pleasant going into the autumn. The average October temperatures, for instance, are often in the mid-twenties, meaning you can still enjoy the beautiful sights the region has to offer and dining al fresco.


South-western France is famous for its excellent surf, which is of course only enhanced by the beautiful weather. The region of Aquitaine is in a prime position with its Atlantic coast, which is home to great waves all year round, not only for surfing but also other watersports such as bodyboarding. Autumn is also the preferred time of year for the pros, with the Quik Pro event running across the first two weeks of October.

Delicious food

Autumn is one of the best times of year to indulge yourself on the local cuisine, as itís the harvest season, meaning more delectable fruits and vegetables come into season. Itís also the prime time of year for food festivals, held to celebrate the harvest or a popular local dish. Two of the best examples can be found in the Basque Country: the Gateau Basque Festival and the Espelette Pepper Festival.

Wonderful wines

As well as the food harvest, the grape harvest is also well underway during the autumn, making it an exciting time of year for wine lovers. Bordeaux wine in internationally renowned, and during the autumn, you can not only buy the newly-released wines but also attend wine tastings, visit wine festivals and take tours of the vineyards during the grape harvests.