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Archaeologists have discovered the remains of what was
possibly a Roman tavern in the southern French port city of Lattara, a
fascinating find that shines even more light on the rich history of France’s
Mediterranean coast.

The communal eating and drinking place is believed to date
back to anywhere between 125 and 75 BC, and helps to chart the changing economy
of the thriving city at the time.

Historically, the local residents earned
their livelihood through farming, though following the invasion of the Romans
in the late second century BC, the region’s economy saw a change which included
the establishment of places to eat outside of the home.

Initially, the archaeologists believed that what they had
come across was an ancient Roman bakery, as remains of three ovens used for
baking bread were found, though benches lining the walls and a charcoal-burning
fireplace in the middle of the floor found in another room led the researchers
to believe that it was also a place where people sat and ate. Drinking bowls as
well as meat and fish bones were found scattered on the floor in another room, hinting
that this was a place which not only served food but drink, too.

Dubbed as one of the first of its kind to be discovered in
the region, the dining complex is an important discovery marking the social
change in the region following the Roman invasion. The drinking bowls were also
imported from Italy, connecting the tavern with the Roman people who took over
the region. The researchers said: “Not only is the tavern the earliest of
its kind in the region, it also serves as an invaluable indicator of the
changing social and economic infrastructure of the settlement and its
inhabitants following the Roman conquest of Mediterranean Gaul in the late
second century BC.”

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Image: Daniel Villafruela,
available under Creative Commons

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