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rouen cathedral lights

Having made its premiere for 2016 on June 3, the beautiful
cathedral in the Norman city of Rouen will be putting on a stunning light and
sound show for all to see throughout the summer, until September 25. If you’re
staying in a Normandy villa nearby, be sure not to miss this dazzling spectacle
which transforms the city’s night-time landscape.

Often referred to as the ‘Cathedral of Light’, the show
takes place at dusk, and sees images, colours and video projected onto the
western façade of the cathedral. It will comprise of two parts, with the first
part being based on the theme of Impressionism, with the second part being
based around the Vikings.

The show begins at around 11pm, and lasts for around 30
minutes, before repeating again to entertain yet even more onlookers and
passers-by. With the backdrop of the cathedral’s grand architecture, this is
not just your typical light show. For an example of a previous cathedral light
show, click here.

Rouen’s cathedral is perhaps the city’s most prestigious
monument, and holds the title of being the tallest cathedral in France,
reaching a lofty 151 metres high. Designed in a flamboyant style, the best
place to see the cathedral in all its glory is from the Place de la Cathedrale,
where you can see the majestic western front and its two mighty towers, the
Tour Saint Romain and the Tour de Beurre.

Image: Julien
, available under Creative Commons

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