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Returning to the Mediatheque La Strada in Mouans-Sartoux
from until December 24th, the Santons Fair of Mouans-Sartoux is the
oldest of its kind in the world, selling thousands of individually handmade
figurines made specially for the festive period known as Santons.

The event brings together santonniers from all over the
Alpes-Maritimes, who will be selling their creations made in the same vein as
they have been for hundreds of years. Santons (santouns in Provencal), or
little saints, were first made following the French Revolution of 1789, when
several churches were made to close or disband, and large nativity scenes were
also prohibited. As a result, miniature cribs and nativity scenes to be
displayed in the home became popular and played a key role in keeping the
people?s religion alive.

Alongside the miniature figurines, there will also be
hundreds of other related items for sale, including accessories for Christmas
cribs and nativity scenes, books on the history and the art of making santons,
figurines you can paint yourself, miniature houses and much, much more.

The miniature crib or nativity scene is still a popular
festive display in many homes, with the baby Jesus traditionally added to the
scene on Christmas Eve.

With thousands of authentic and locally made products to
choose from, the Santons fair is an excellent way to begin the festive season
and learn more about how Christmas is celebrated in France. If you?re planning
on celebrating Christmas French-style, visit our website to browse our
selection of luxury French villas today.

Image: Jean-Pol
, available under Creative Commons

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