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7 days in positano

Positano might just be the village that you associate with the Amalfi coast, thanks to its striking pastel houses that sit vertically neat, seemingly on top of each other, along the coastline. Based in Campania, this stunning sight is quite possibly the strongest voice for the Amalfi Coast. So, if you had seven days to spend there, what would you do? Our handy guide can show you how to make the most of a week in Positano.

 A picture of Positano city

Day One

Morning – Visit the Town

The best thing to do for a morning after your arrival to your dream destination is, have a look around of course! Get to know your surrounding area and everything that it has to offer for the up and coming week. Walk down the beautiful rows of steps to dip your toes in the sea right at the bottom, grab a coffee and enjoy your new home from home for the next 7 days!

Afternoon – Positano Beach

After you have tackled the downward journey to the coast, why not stay there for the rest of the day? The first day of the holiday is made for relaxing, and the beach of Positano is the best place for it!

Day Two

Morning – Church of Santa Maria Assunta

Church of Santa Maria Assunta, also known as ‘Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta’, is a beautiful, traditional church that is only a stone’s throw away from the beach, right in the centre of Positano. The building itself dates back to the 12th century, and there is also a fascinating Medieval Crypt just beneath the altar!

Afternoon- Capricci

Can you even go to Italy without eating a pizza?! Next stop in your day is to enjoy some classic Italian food. Only moments away, Capricci is situated right in the middle of the town, very close to the church, which makes it the perfect progression from your morning. This pizza place is very casual, but boasts gorgeous views over the sea, making it an idea spot to relax and refresh.

A picture of pizza on a table

Day Three

Morning – Swim in Positano

Making the most of this beautiful beach is high on this Italian itinerary, and there is no better place or time to get in the waters, than for a midweek morning swim. You can also hire beach chairs for around ten euros for those moments you just want to have a lovely lie down.  And if that isn’t enough, there are also beach boys on hand that will serve you food and drink of your choice, right to your deck chair!

Afternoon – Boat Tour

One of the best ways to explore a coast is by boat, and what a luxury it is too! You can either take a public tour around the gorgeous coast, or even rent your own private charter for a real treat!

a picture of a woman's head just above the water

Day Four

Morning – Visit Positano’s Art Galleries

If you are a fan of art, you might be pleased to know that there are a lot of little, independent art galleries dotted around the city centre of Positano. We recommend really taking your time to enjoy them and find something special to bring back home. The art galleries in this area usually open from around 10am and stay open until sunset. So, after some breakfast, morning makes this the perfect part of the day to explore them.

Afternoon- Shopping in Positano

Full of boutiques and independent shops, the centre of town is the ideal place to find something unique, homemade and with an interesting history. Items such as delicate clothing such as linen dresses and trousers, to lemon scented perfume or soap can be found, and they all make a charming, authentic souvenir.  

Day Five

Morning- Hike of the Gods

The Walk of the Gods is the most famous walk on the Amalfi Coast and for good reason. You might not be a professional hiker, but for this route you don’t need to be, and it might well convert you! The trails are on an incline, which also makes for beautiful scenery at every upward step.

Afternoon – Da Vincenzo Positano

A recommendation for afternoon to evening would be to enjoy a long, delicious meal right into the evening. The restaurant we have in mind is the Da Vincenzo Positano, which boasts a rustic vibe, with gorgeous cave like walls surrounding the dining area. They also have their own shop for home goods such as exquisite tablecloths, tableware and handcrafted kitchen utensils.

Day Six

Take A day Trip Out to Pompeii

After becoming heavily acquainted with Positano, you would be forgiven for finding a day trip enticing, especially as you are in beautiful Italy!

Why not take a day trip out to visit Pompeii? Hailed as one of the most exciting and notable archaeological sites in the world, Pompeii is easy to get to from Positano as trips run daily to and from both towns.

Take the day to explore all of the ruins, and if you’re feeling brave, why not go and visit Mount Vesuvius too! There will be plenty to eat and drink in Pompeii, so just take your time and have fun.

A picture of the ruins of Pompeii

Day Seven

Morning – A Wine Tour Through Amalfi Countryside

A wine tour through the Amalfi Countryside is definitely one for the late morning, and after breakfast! But, it’s your last day and it’s time to take the renowned wine location by the horns. Sample some of the finest wines in the world, right from the hilltops that surround Positano. Rest assured, most vineyard tours will also provide lunch, which means your stomachs won’t be left grumbling! 

Afternoon – Relax

Taking you into the afternoon, and quite possibly a little tipsy, the afternoon is yours to relax with. As it’s the last afternoon, we suggest you finish how you began, with a last stroll around the town. Soak up the sights, take some pictures to treasure and treat yourself to an evening meal while watching the sunset.

A picture of Italian vineyards

Here at Quality Villas, we offer Luxury Holiday villas on Amalfi Coast so you can choose the ideal home from home. They are also perfect for families, so if you are thinking of bringing yours, be sure to check out our blog on Activities for Families on the Amalfi Coast!

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