Uzes: the best shopping in Languedoc-Roussillon?

24th March, 2016
For a spot of shopping in the Languedoc region, thereís arguably no better place to head to than the pretty little town of Uzes, with its medieval streets lined with individual and artisan shops. Its markets are also famous throughout the south of France, if youíre looking to pick up something local and fresh during your visit.

While a market takes place every Saturday, itís normally incredibly crowded not matter what time of year, and so the weekly Wednesday market is usually the better option. Located in the central location of the Place aux Herbes, the market is an absolute must-visit for foodies, as here youíll find fresh olives and extra virgin olive oil, a selection of fragrant herbs, and small jars of escargotine, a spread made from snails and shallots. For more indulgent gourmet items, thereís the Maison de la Truffle, found on the far corner of the square. As the name indicates, it sells anything and everything involving the luxurious truffles that can be found in this area, from truffle knives and shavers to truffle oils, pasta and even wine. 

Uzes is not just for those with a love for gastronomy, however Ė itís also home to many boutiques selling chic clothing and luxury goods. Here you can buy an outfit to sport the bobo (bourgeois bohemian) look, while many of the side streets stemming off from the Place aux Herbessell an excellent range of clothing and shoes. 

If youíre looking for something to bring home with you, Uzes is a treasure trove of luxury gifts and homewares. Thereís a variety of contemporary and traditional homewares available by an array of independent designers, which range from second-hand French-made bric-a-brac to tasteful furniture, fabrics and bed linen. 

France is also known for its incredible fragrances, with many stores across the town stocking the very best designer fragrances. Here, you can even create your own personal perfume blend from a bank of mini-testers and, of course, no trip to the south of France is completely without picking up some lavender water to take home. 

If this charming market town sounds like the ultimate French shopping trip, book a stay at one of our Uzes villas today, where you can continue to indulge in the finest French luxuries.

Image: Kolia Fotki, available under Creative Commons