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signs of spring

Known as printemps in French, spring is when the French
countryside really comes to life, with flowers beginning to bloom and wildlife
coming out to frolic. Read on to discover the signs of spring you can discover
while staying at our holiday cottages in France throughout March, April and

Before you see any of the sights, your ears will be awakened
by the sound of birdsong, with birds nesting both in the forests and gardens. You’ll
spot a variety of birdlife across France, from the sparrows found in North
France to the white storks of Alsace, while butterflies of several colours will
also begin to flit between the fields.

The plants and trees also come to life, with buds on the
trees finally opening up after the winter, leaves eventually bursting out of
them in a fresh green colour, covering the branches as it gets closer to
summer. By May, hundreds of varieties of colourful plants and wildflowers will
have also come into bloom, including cowslips, wood violets and lily of the
valley, while flowers and fruits will also emerge on the bare branches of
magnolias, apple trees, almond trees and cherry trees. The bright yellow
flowers of the Forsythia shrub are often among the first to come into bloom in
France, appearing in March.

The arrival of spring also means a host of different fruits
and vegetables will come into season, and therefore a change in the dishes and
cuisines that will be enjoyed by the French over the coming months. Expect to
tuck into plenty of asparagus, artichokes, radishes, cucumbers, courgettes,
rhubarb, raspberries, cherries and strawberries during your springtime visit to

Image: Anne
, available under Creative Commons

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