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six facts about dubrovnik

Perhaps one of the most picturesque and still seemingly under-appreciated cities in Europe, Dubrovnik’s coastal location rewards visitors with unspoilt views across the Adriatic. Turning inland, the city walls stand sentinel, protecting the medieval architecture that grants Dubrovnik an ancient aura. The city is home to countless intertwined side streets and alleys, many are home to local businesses such as cafes, restaurants and shops. To know Dubrovnik is to get lost there, and we invite you to do so whilst staying in one of our luxury holiday villas in Croatia.

In this article, we’ve put together some of the most interesting and surprising facts about Dubrovnik, to entice you to make this year the one that you visit this Adriatic gem:

In 1979, the City was Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The UNESCO World Heritage Program is an initiative set up with the objective of cataloguing and preserving sites of cultural or historical importance. Dubrovnik is accompanied on the list of sites by other beautiful areas of Croatia such as the Plitvice Lakes National Park.

It is Home to the Shortest River in the World

The River Ombla’s course runs for just a mere 30 meters before emptying into the Rijeka Dubrovačka embayment of the Adriatic Sea. It is located north east of the city and is used as a source of drinking water for those that live in Dubrovnik and the surrounding areas. It is a beautiful spot and a must-visit during your time there!

Views across roofs of Dubrovnik

Game of Thrones is Filmed in the City

If you’ve seen any of the episodes of the hit TV show, you’ll likely recognise the unmistakable red terracotta roofs of the old city. Many of the series’ scenes are filmed in Dubrovnik as the medieval architecture and magnificent city walls make the perfect backdrop for telling the story. There are a number of tours and guides dotted around the city that will provide GoT fans with a detailed insight into how the series is shot and the specific locations of the filming.

Its Magnificent City Walls have Never Been Breached

Constructed across a 500 year period, the walls envelop the old city and have kept its occupants safe since their conception. In certain places, they are measured as being up to 6 meters thick, really it’s no surprise that an enemy army has never managed to break through! During the mid-1400s, there was a shortage of building materials which prompted the rule that anyone wanting to arrive at the city should bring a stone with them.

Dubrovnik city centre

The City is Not Part of the Mainland Country

The strip of land that the city inhabits, along with other small towns such as Cavtat and Zaton, is completely cut off from the mainland of the country. During the 17th century, the Republic of Dubrovnik needed to raise money to assist in the effort to stop the advancing Venetian forces, therefore, they sold two patches of land to the Ottomans which included the Bosnian Corridor and the city of Neum. Because there are no hard borders in place around this area, it is, in fact, possible to walk across into Bosnia or Montenegro.

The City was Bombed Extensively in the 1990s

With only a few give away signs, the city has bounced back from an extended period of bombing during the 1990s remarkably well. From December 1991 until the summer of 1992 Montenegrin and Serbian forces showered the city with bombs which caused extensive damage to the core architecture of the city. Fortunately, after hard work and dedication from UNESCO workers and locals, the city was restored to nearly as good as new and retains its spot as one of the top tourist destinations in the country.

Dubrovnik side streets

Hopefully, this article has helped to uncover some of the historical and cultural importance that the city has, not only for Croatia, but for the whole of Europe. If you would like to visit Dubrovnik and get lost in its winding streets, why not check out our selection of villas or get in touch to find out more!

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