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With a Mediterranean climate and endless beaches of the most exceptional quality, sunsets in Nice are glorious. It is no wonder that many French artists have fallen in love with this Riviera city. Surrounded by transfixing colours and vibrancy, it is a painter’s dream. Picasso, Matisse and Chagall are all known for their admiration of the lively and beautiful place. Here at Quality Villas, we have selected the most optimum locations for you to witness Nice at its most stunning. A select collection of both beach and town locations, we believe there is something for everyone to marvel in our list.

Colline du Château

This is the ultimate view of the city. If you are staying even just for one evening, you should definitely visit. Referred to as Castle Hill in English, it has much historical value. Dating back to Roman and Celtic periods, the construction itself is impressive and deserves some dedicated attention. Climb the steps for an evening stroll and slowly watch the last traces of the sun on the perfect Riviera rooftops. Once you have reached the top, take a breath and mesmerise yourself with the panoramic views of the city. Complete with an imitation of a waterfall created during the 1700s, this vast green space is a beautiful place to relax at the end of a long, hot day.

Le Plongeoir

This stunning restaurant is the perfect location to see day transform into night. Positioned on top of a rock just off the coast, it has a transfixing view of the sea. Surrounded by beautiful water and a gentle breeze, the vibrancy of the sunset reflects on the ocean and illuminates the surroundings, making it an unforgettable destination. Of course, this site is popular, so make sure to book a table in advance. Inside, the menu is filled with rich, flavorsome Mediterranean food and has a bar dedicated to delightful cocktails for you to sip as the sun goes down.

A variety of cocktails being held together over a table.

Promenade des Anglais

The main street of Nice, this road runs parallel with the length of the city. It is not difficult to pick a spot with the vast number of beaches stretching across the coastline.
The thrill of evening activity is the main attraction here, watching people enjoying the beginning of their night against the backdrop of a picturesque sunset. A contagious happy atmosphere is created by street artists, roller-skaters, musicians, and bars. If you fancy a wander across the miles of seashore without the strain, you can take a Segway tour to leisurely absorb the scenery.

Nice coastline view.

The Port

An array of pristine yachts line the turquoise port, creating a scene of opulence and luxury. The stunning port of Nice is still in use, providing another area of fun, bustling activity. It is a fantastic place to unwind at the end of the day, with indulgent bars scattered along the harbour. It is a gorgeous place to take in the warm, red hues of sundown.

Nice Port.

Coco Beach

There are so many beaches in Nice; it is not difficult to find an idyllic one for sunset. If you are after an exceptionally unique place for an evening, Coco beach is a heavenly spot. A gorgeous, small rocky bay, it is the perfect place to relax and gaze out to sea on a warm evening. It can be found just past La Réserve beach; make sure to bring a picnic for some sunset snacks!

Sunset spots in Nice are astoundingly beautiful and with so many to choose from, a small break is often not enough. If you would like to see what options are available for a getaway to this part of the Riviera, take a look at our vast selection of Luxury holiday villas South of France. If you would like some inspiration for daytime activities in the city, get motivated by our blog, 7 Things to Do in Nice.

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