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sunset spots in split

Split in Croatia is the next up and coming place when it comes to going abroad and aiming for the holiday of your life, and it really is no surprise why. It’s the second biggest city in Croatia, after Zagreb, and has a population of around 180,000 people. There is something special about Split, as an ever-growing popular holiday destination, it offers the perfect split between enchanting traditional culture and a twist of modern influence.

Something that continues to draw visitors and viewers into Split is the various locations you can catch a spectacular sunset, and who doesn’t love a sunset?

Marjan Hill

Marjan Hill is hailed as the most special place to catch a sunrise or sunset. This symbolic Croatian hill has been a protected landmark since 1964. It’s a steep but beautiful walk up to its highest viewing point, which is a fantastic spot to settle in and admire the sunset. Croatians have been known to use this spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Telegrin Peak

Telegrin peak is the absolute peak of Marjan Hill, where you can find the Croatian flag proudly displayed. Telegrin peak had a former life as a telegraph station in the Napoleonic era  and is a vast gravelled area with plenty of room.

This is definitely one for the all-encompassing sunset experience. Why not take a picnic up with you and a bottle of wine? And just take a moment whilst the vivid crimson, and orange colours warp and blend into the darkness.

Teraca Vidilica

To get to the best position for a sunset, higher is usually better, but if you fancy less physical excursion then the trip all the way up to Marjan Hill,  Teraca Vildilica comes in second place as a brilliant sunset spot. The Teraca Vildilica is a restaurant situated on the hillside east end of Marjan park and has a wonderful viewpoint. The viewpoint here overlooks Split in its entirety, including the sweet Split marina. These in synchronism with a sunset and you have a real celebration for the eyes.

Hermitage Caves

The hermitage caves are something like out of a storybook. Carefully built into the side of Marjan hill, in the rock and rubble, these beautiful caves nest against large boulders, that rock climbers find inviting. The hermitage caves date back as far as the 15th Century and still look and remain in wonderful condition. Along this route, you will also find precious old churches and a Jewish cemetery. Make your way up before the sunset is due as to have enough time to really look around, and then watch the sunset roll down like a soft curtain behind the outstanding landscapes of cliffs, forests and the sea.

Kasjuni Beach

Let’s face it, sometimes holidays are just for one thing, doing nothing! Not only might hiking up a steep hill seem less than appealing to some holiday goers, we also spare a thought for those who are less able. No one should have to miss out on a magical sunset in Split, so for the ones who like to stay closer to the ground, Kasjuni beach is for you.
Kasjuni beach is hailed one of the best beaches in Split. Flanked by the towering, luscious, Marjan peninsula. This beach is more private than more urban beaches, and the trees make for a great shelter from the sun’s rays in the height of the heat. Kasjuni beach makes a fantastic for a sunset, if not for the sole reason that it’s a beach, where sunsets and sand go hand in hand.
Watching the sun go down, surrounded by the shimmering ripples of the Mediterranean Sea, can you really beat it?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our post on the best spots to witness amazing sunsets in Split. If there is somewhere you know of that hasn’t been mentioned here, please let us know in the comments below, and share your secret!
Going to Split just for the sunsets? We don’t blame you. Why don’t you see which other beaches you can visit whilst you’re there and browse our luxury apartments in Croatia for the most exquisite stay.

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