Taba Naba art exhibition comes to Monaco’s Musee de Oceanographique

17th March, 2016
Taking place between March 24 and September 30, a new collection of artworks will be displayed at the Musee de Oceanographique de Monaco. The exhibition, Taba Naba, will showcase a range of Aboriginal and Oceanic artwork by both traditional and contemporary artists.

The exhibition will be divided into three parts, each exploring key themes expressed throughout Aboriginal and Oceanic artwork. The first, Defending the Oceans at the Heart of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Art by Stephane Jacob, explores how 50 Aboriginal artists have depicted the pollution of the oceans, sometimes even approached with humour and light-heartedness.

Living Waters, the Sordello & Missana Collection, the second part of the exhibition, curated by Erica Izett, showcases the work of modern Aboriginal artists and how they have captured their relationship with the water. Many of the works feature a mythological creature known as the Rainbow Serpent, said to represent not only the importance of water but also the changing seasons. This part of the exhibition also contains paintings from Prince Albert II of Monaco’s own private collection.

Oceania Islanders: Past Masters in Sea Navigation and Artistic Expression, by Didier Zanette, makes up the final element of the exhibition, and seeks to compare how similar and different the Western world and the indigenous people of Australia are. Among the items exhibited are navigational objects, large-scale marine animal representations and Papuan portraits.

This new exhibition is perfect for anyone staying at our luxury villas in France looking to spend a morning or afternoon with some thought-provoking artwork, with the Musee de Oceanographique being one of the top maritime attractions located on the French Riviera.

Image: Musee Oceanographique de Monaco