Take a trip to the South of France

30th November, 2016
The South of France is filled with beautiful natural surroundings, delicious cuisine and plenty of gorgeous weather. It offers you a slower pace compared to the popular French destinations. The turquoise water sparkles along the French Riviera and the lavender fields look striking throughout the Provence region.

Côte d’Azur

Côte d’Azur (or the French Riviera) captivates anyone who lays eyes on this beautiful place. Our villas are placed throughout this region and can provide plenty of variety to any traveller’s needs. We have a number of villas, which are lucky enough to have a beautiful view of the shimmering water. You can also be precise about your search by selecting any attributes you require whilst searching for your perfect luxury villa.

St Tropez

St Tropez is one of the more popular towns sat on the French Riviera. There are many places to explore, from grocery shops which are full of fresh local produce to white sandy beaches, which are perfect for a romantic stroll.

St Tropez may be the only place where designer fashion shops stand opposite grocery stores. At the top of the town you can climb the green and wooded hill to the 16th-century Citadel. From the outside, you can enjoy views across the town and also enjoy a view out on the turquoise sea. Inside, the Citadel has been transformed into a museum and explores St Tropez’s maritime history.

If you wish to explore the views of St Tropez, there is a wonderful coastal walk you can take and it can be a splendid alternative to sitting along the pier drinking a refreshing drink. One particular walk is about seven miles long, if you walk at a reasonable pace you can complete it in about three and a half hours. On route, you can enjoy breath taking scenery and interesting coastal flora.

Many of our luxury St Tropez villas have a heated pool, which is perfect for an afternoon dip after you have explored the streets of the town. You can end your evening by relaxing in a hot tub, admiring the stars, with a glass of your favourite wine. Our villas are perfect for anyone who prefers privacy whilst they are on holiday.


Provence has always been a popular destination. If you enjoy food, wine and local crafts, this is the perfect holiday destination for you. Provence has been identified as a geographical region since the days of the Roman Empire.

It is arguably the most irresistible region in France, as Provence ranges from snow-capped mountains, stunning lavender fields to white sandy beaches. Provence is full of history, you can visit a Gothic-style Palais des Papes, view a stained-glass masterpiece in the Chapelle du Rosaire or explore Mercantour National Park. Explore the markets, picturesque towns and villages, attractive countryside and indulge in fine cuisine. Each of our luxury villas in Provence has been selected for the highest standards of quality and comfort. Just click here to find a villa for your perfect holiday in the South of France.