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the best summer activities to try in provence

The summer holidays have arrived, and no doubt you are very excited about staying in our family friendly France villas in the lovely region of Provence. There are a lot of fantastic summer activities to try out, from kayaking to cycling. Read on to find any activities that you might be interested in doing on your summer holiday. 
Provence has a number of cycling trails and routes, and there is no better way to explore the beautiful region than by bike. The quiet routes are traffic free, making cycling a lot safer, and there are plenty of places where you can stop off for a break. If you are there without any cycling gear, there are some cycle hire shops where you can rent bikes. Remember to bring a long a lot of water, some picnic snacks and sun cream to keep you protected from the sun’s rays. 
Geocaching has become very popular around the world – an estimated 2.5 million people have downloaded the app! Still a fairly new craze, it requires you to use the GPS on your phone to find treasures around the countryside. It is simple to use and means you and your family can be adventurers together, visiting some secret locations in the Provence region. 
This refreshing summer activity requires a lot of energy, but is very fun! Plunge into mountain streams via abseiling descents, making your way along riverbeds that act as a natural obstacle course. Canyoning is better for older children, but anyone over eight can take the cold plunge into the activity. A guide helps you out every step of the way, giving you tips on the safest way to abseil down cascades, splash into the pools and navigate the rapids. Basic level of swimming is required, and you choose from beginner’s routes to longer, more advanced ones. 
Hot air ballooning
Hot air ballooning is a truly unique experience, and you can see the Provence landscape like never before. The views are stunning and as you soar over the land or sea; you will be able to spot wildlife which is normally hidden from view. The pilot will control the height, but the wind determines direction so that flights can be from one to two hours long. There are a few companies offering hot air balloon rides in Provence to give you this experience.
Kayaking is a fun sport that can be enjoyed as a team and on your own. When on a family holiday, it is a lot of fun to hire out some kayaks and paddle on the rivers and lakes of Provence. Using the double-headed paddle, you can control the speed, direction and really relax amongst the beautiful natural landscapes found in Provence. If you have never tried the sport, there are water sports centres where an instructor can take you out for a kayaking experience, guiding you safely through the basics. 
For the days you want to be more relaxed, why not have a leisurely day exploring the markets and doing a spot of shopping? The markets are a dream for any shopper and in all the villages dotted around you are sure to find some gems. The markets sell the best local food, so you can cook up a traditional French dish back at your villa, and also wonderful knick-knacks so you can have a souvenir from your holiday. 
Nature reserves
On a lovely sunny day, head to a nature reserve to explore all the beautiful wildlife and soak up the breathtaking scenery. Walk or hike through the park, spotting the local wildlife, and watching out for the native birds. Some of the best parks include Reserve des Mont d’Azur, a safari park where animals live in their natural habitats, such as bison, deer and hawks, and Gorges de la Nesque, near Sault, located close to the base of Mont Ventoux which has a rich diversity of flora and fauna. 
Water sports
From windsurfing to white water rafting, there is a whole range of water sports to try out in Provence. Down by the coast, there are plenty of opportunities for you to have a go at sailing, windsurfing and kite surfing and to generally play about in the water. Inland there are several lakes where you can wake board, canoe and water ski too. There are plenty of companies who can cater for your water adventures, whether you are a beginner or expert. 
Wine tasting
Of course, a trip to France must involve some wine! If you are on a romantic holiday to France, take a tour of one of Provence’s beautiful vineyards, tasting the carefully made wines. The various tours allow you to learn about the wines, their history, the grapes and the wine making process, all while you enjoy the wonderful vineyard scenery. 
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