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the incredible hidden gems of provence

Provence is said
to be one of the most irresistible regions of France, and it isn’t hard to see
why. This region offers a calm and relaxing atmosphere, whilst still feeling
unique. Explore the beautiful Mediterranean beaches, look upon the untouched
mountain scenery, and you will simply fall in love.

Provence, there are many popular areas, but there are also some incredible hidden
gems, which are worth a visit when staying in one of our luxury villas, France.

Le Panier, Marseille

Le Panier is the
oldest part of Marseille and is the most charismatic part of the city. It was
once condemned as an overpopulated underworld, but now, it is a hub for the
brightest designers, artists and craftspeople of our day. The best way to
explore this district is by foot, as there are many fantastic shops and
galleries to visit on your travels. Many traditional French restaurants line
the streets to enjoy a bite to eat or a more intimate dinner in the evening.

As the sun goes
down and the evening draws in, the sun sets straight down the street, making
the street look incredibly magical. When exploring the streets, we suggest
visiting Le Charité Café, as it has a peaceful terrace and is perfect for a simple lunch. For a romantic evening meal, visit La Virgule; as it is one of
the best restaurants along the northern edge. It boasts an outdoor terrace with
lovely views of the Notre Dame de la Garde and the Old Port.



Camargue is a
distinctive area, which is best known for its black bulls, flamingos and white
horses. It is also considered to be the largest delta river in Western Europe
which covers parts of the territory of the commune of Arles. The landscapes in
and around the Camargue are very unique compared to rest of Southern France.

Les Alpilles

Known for being
one of Van Gogh’s favourite places, the Chaîne des Alpilles is a small mountain
range which is situated 20km from Avignon. There are many traditional villages
throughout this area, and can be the perfect scene for a relaxing day. If you are
looking to truly appreciate the beauty of the mountains, you can climb the path
and admire the beautiful views from the top.

Les Dentelles de Montmirail


The Les Dentelles
de Montmirail are a chain of small mountains and serve as a traditional and
peaceful backdrop for this area. The limestone cliffs will be sure to catch
your eye as they stretch towards the sky.

The foot of the
mountain is surrounded by vineyards and are perfect for exploring and maybe a
spot of wine tasting. It is truly a spectacular area which looks untouched,
even if it is close to big towns.

Les Calanques


Rising from the
blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the Les Calanques is a 20km stretch of
high promontories. The cliffs are often interrupted by small, peaceful beaches which
cannot be reached without a boat. These cliffs have been protected since 1975,
and have a beautiful range of fauna and flora. If you are searching for
relaxation, try some of the inlets a little bit further away; some of these can
only be reached by foot, so be sure to bring comfortable footwear. 

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