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The Amalfi Coast is renowned for its gorgeous seaside views, but none will be as impressive as those experienced from ascending the Path of the Gods. A steep trek through ancient paths and historic towns, this hiking trail offers awe-inspiring panoramas, as well as an insight into old world life.

Depending on where you start your great adventure, and how confident you are at walking, the trek typically takes between three and five hours, covering a distance of around 7.8km, making this a perfect way to spend the day. Much of the walk will cover flat dirt tracks; however, there are sections where you’ll have to clamber over boulders and travel over fairly narrow paths on steep cliffs, making this a trek suited to confident walkers.

Where Should You Start to Reach the Path of The Gods?

Travelling to your start point from your luxury holiday villas on the Amalfi Coast can be achieved by car, bus or ferry. With lots of sharp turns on a coastal cliffside road, many visitors not familiar with the driving conditions of the Amalfi Coast may prefer to travel by public transport in this area, even if they have a car with them.

One of the most popular starting destinations for the Path of the Gods is Bomerano, in Agerola. If you take the bus to this location, there will be plenty of signs pointing you in the right direction for the trail. Alternatively, you can start from the town of Praiano; however, you will have to begin your journey by ascending a very large set of steps! Whichever way you begin the trail, there will be red and white signs pointing the way for you to follow. Signs will also count down the distance travelled in kilometres, helping you to determine how much longer you need to walk!

Come Prepared

As with any hiking trip, it is very important to ensure you bring a few essential items, as well as wear appropriate attire. Non-slip hiking boots will be a must on this journey. It is also important to bring a bottle of water to keep you hydrated, as the path will be very exposed to the sun, and there will not be an opportunity to find a drink until near the end of the trail. It is, therefore, also important to ensure that you are wearing suncream before you begin the walk. If you’re a photography fan, then this is definitely the time to bring your camera along, as the views are certainly ones you’ll want to capture!

Enjoy the Incredible Views

Travelling along the cliff sides, you will be awarded with incredible views of the Mediterranean sea shimmering below. As you venture further into the trek, you’ll find yourself walking amongst the puffs of mist that add a magical air to the stunning coastal views. If you can tear your eyes away from the beauty of the sea, then you will also spot plenty of trees, shrubbery and crops lining the paths.

Discover the History

The Path of the Gods has been used for centuries as a mule route, so as you hike you will come across a range of different ancient artefacts and abodes. Stone abodes carved into cliffs welcome you in to explore, and to experience the breathtaking views that a previous dweller once woke up to each day!

As legend states, the path gained its name after the Gods followed the trail down to the shore to see the singing sirens that could be found around the Amalfi Coast. The beauty of the area is bound to convince you that these legends are true.

Rest in Nocelle

Nocelle, which most hikers consider the end of the trek, has a small restaurant that is built into the hillside, offering the perfect break point for a snack and drink before embarking on the descent. Enjoy a drink on the terrace, which boasts some of the most impressive coastal views, making the hard work of the trek very much worth it!

More Exploring

The hike ends in Nocelle, and you can decide whether you want to go home or continue exploring the delightful towns and villages that can be found along the coastline. To reach the village of Arienzo, you must descend a rather large set of steps – around 1500 in total – although the views offered along this route are particularly magnificent. From here you can explore the town of Positano, which is renowned for its stylish boutiques and cafes. You can then return to your Amalfi Coast abode via bus or ferry.

There are plenty more unique things to do on the Amalfi Coast, making it one of the best holiday destinations for those who love to explore the incredible nature and history that Italy has to offer. For an idea of a full itinerary, check out our guide to 7 days on the Amalfi Coast!

Image Credit: Kārlis Dambrāns

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