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the ultimate italy bucket list: top things to do in italy

Italy is one country
which should be visited at least once throughout your lifetime. It is a country
which is full of variety, and this is what captivates those who travel there.
From beautiful beaches to historic city’s, you will be inspired and enchanted
by everything around you.

When staying in
one of our luxury villas in Italy,
there are numerous sights to see and experiences to be had. However, away from
the historic streets of Rome and some of the more well-known cities, there is
an abundance of traditional things to enjoy. We have taken the time to create
an ultimate bucket list of things which will make your holiday to Italy truly


1 – Experience
traditional Italian Food

Italy is home to
some incredible and sensational food, however many of us eat an ‘Italian’ meal
every week, but nothing will taste better than trying some authentic Italian
food. Starting with the most obvious choice: the famous Pizza Margherita.
Created in Naples by Raffaele Esposito, it was created to honour Queen
Margherita of Savoy. Let’s not forget about the array of pasta dishes on offer,
as well as the famous tiramisu. 

2 – Eat in a cave
in Puglia

More glamorous
than it sounds, Grotta Palazzese is a unique restaurant located in a cave
overlooking the Adriatic Sea; there is no denying that this location is truly
spectacular. The restaurant was carved out of the limestone cliffs centuries
ago by the sea, and since then, it has hosted elegant dinners with a twist. The
cave extends back beyond the restaurant, which has just a handful of tables to
keep the atmosphere intimate and relaxed. The restaurant is only open from May
until October and reservations are required.

3 – Visit a


Taking a tour of
a vineyard is perfect for wine enthusiasts, and can also be a memorable
experience. Italy has tonnes of vineyards dotted through the country, and there
is no denying that you will be spoilt for choice. Many vineyard tours take you
on a journey, and you will learn the wine processes and maybe even get a taste
at the end.

4 – Climb to the
top of the Duomo in Florence


Built by Filippo
Brunelleschi in 1418, the dome is egg-shaped, was made without scaffolding, and
it truly is a spectacular piece of architecture. When roaming the streets of
Florence, the Duomo stands tall above the city. The only way to the top is by
climbing the 463 steps to the very top. Once you have scaled the stairs and have
caught your breath, you will be taken back by the incredible views across

5 – Take a road
trip through Tuscany

Tuscany is
probably the most picturesque region of Italy and the best way to see it all is
by car. Explore this region for a rewarding day out which will take you through
stunning landscapes. There are many places to hire a car, so take your pick,
pack some lunch and head out on the road. 

6 – Get close to
a volcano in Sicily 

Mount Etna is
Europe’s largest volcano and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013
for its “exceptional level of volcanic activity” as well as its global
scientific, cultural and educational importance, Etna is an important part of
Sicily’s topography, not to mention simply beautiful. This mountain is a world
away from the beaches and historic architecture, but it should not be missed!

7 – Cooking

Italy is renowned for
its food and what better experience than learning to cook an authentic Italian
meal! It will be the perfect activity and experience to take home with you at
the end of your holiday. Learn to cook a feast and wow all your family and
friends on your return    

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