The Ultimate Morocco Bucket List

24th May, 2017
For those seeking adventure, Morocco is a destination which fits perfectly. This colourful country is a historical treasure which bursts with life and should be at the top of any avid travellers list. The whole atmosphere throughout Morocco is intense, chaotic and fragrant, and it is a sensory overload that brings travellers back time and time again. If you are travelling to this part of the world for the first time, we created this exciting bucket list of things we think you should see and do whilst holidaying to this truly amazing part of the world when staying in one of our luxury villas in Morocco.

Explore Marrakesh

For first timers, Marrakesh can be a bewildering experience; however, this is due to the hectic atmosphere which is noticed first. This historic location does, however, attract a fashionable crowd and boasts a great range of traditional shops and market stalls. For those who aren’t looking to shop, you will still be captivated by the colour, diversity and vibrancy surrounding the souks. You could spend the whole day getting wonderfully lost in the maze of stalls.

Head into the Sahara Desert

Whether you are exploring this region by camel or 4x4, this is one sight which is not worth missing out on. There is something extremely enchanting about riding a camel through the dunes. The Sahara Desert is the world’s largest hot desert stretching 9.4 million square kilometres. The dunes are a sea of sand and whilst riding a camel into the sun, with the surreal-ness of this activity, it is an experience we are sure you won’t forget.   

The Sahara can also be the best place to stargaze in the world, as you are so far from civilisation and the sky is so open and clear. There are a number of guides which can be found throughout Marrakesh who can assist you with these activities.

Trek through the Atlas Mountains

For avid walkers or keen adventures, trekking through the Atlas Mountains is an activity which is not to be missed. These wild mountains spread across a northern stretch of Africa, extending about 1,500 miles through Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. Take a guided tour through scenic mountains and see beautiful peaks, green valleys and winding rivers.

Relax in Agadir

Agadir is a city which lies along Morocco’s south Atlantic coast and is considered Morocco’s top seaside resort. As it is blessed with around 10 kilometres of sandy beaches and has an array of cafes, bars and restaurants, it can serve as the perfect base for your trip to this region. This city is laid out as a grid of downtown streets, but its main feature is its beachfront promenade, where you will see a shiny white marina and clear water.

Visit a tannery

One of the best ways to witness one of Morocco’s historic industries is by visiting a tannery. The tanneries are where animal hide is stripped, dyed in colourful bins and sewed into a variety of products. Tour guides will walk you through the dying process, as it’s been done for over a century.

With all of this to do, will you be heading to Morocco this year? If you have already visited this country before what was your favourite thing to see and do? Let us know using our social media platforms. 

Image Credit: Ben Geach, Gilbert Sopakuwa, Kristof Arndt and Shawn Allen under Creative Commons