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there is still a chance to see an amazing supermoon this year

Did you look up at the night sky this last weekend and see
the moon? It looked so close to Earth you could have touched it. But if you
missed it there is still a chance to see the supermoon twice again this year.

The impressive sight called the supermoon happens when the
full moon is at the point in its orbit which brings it closest to Earth. As
this point, the moon appears 30 percent brighter and 14 percent bigger to the
naked eye. However, the term ‘supermoon’ is not an astrological term. The
scientific name is Perigee Full Moon.

The first supermoon appeared this year on October 16, but
you can still have a chance to see it when staying at our luxury villas in
on November 14 and one month later on December 14. Both will be just as
spectacular as the one in October, so staying up to see them is worth it.

Did you know that every full moon of the year is given a
different name? October’s full moon is referred to as Hunter’s moon because it appears soon after sunset and creates more light for hunters trying to spot wildlife and game on a shoot.

The next supermoon on November 14 will be a very special
event, as it will be the closest the moon has ever been to Earth in the 21st
century so far, and won’t be that close again until November 2034, according to

The December supermoon event will also be of note, as it
will block any view of the Geminid meteor shower, which occurs at the same
time. This will be because the moon will be extra bright, and the normally
visible meteor shower will be dimmed in comparison.

When staying at our villas in Italy or France over these
dates and want to witness the supermoon be sure to head to a place with no
lights or tall buildings which could obstruct your view, and take along some
warm clothes.

Photo by: Barbara

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