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top 15 packing and travel tips for a villa holiday

Travel light and pack just right! We ask our Marketing Manager, Hayley, who is a seasoned traveller for her top tips when it comes to trying to remember everything you’ll need for the perfect getaway. As the daughter of the founders of Quality Villas, Hayley was raised travelling across France with her parents seeking great villas for their collection. She still travels for us (and as much as possible with her family) and shares her top tips for successful packing…and a few for an easy holiday too! If you’re looking to stay in one of our Luxury villas in Italy, France or Morocco, read on to ensure the journey goes as smoothly as possible.

Luggage ready to go

  1. I keep all my travel documents on a travel documents app to save on bits of paper in my bag, but, make sure your phone is charged or you’re stuck! Car hire, flight/train/ferry tickets, stop over hotel details, airport parking, villa directions, Quality Villas contact details can all be saved electronically…just make sure e-tickets are accepted by your providers.
  2. Sweet lollipops are a great way to help children who struggle to regulate their ears on flights – Chupa Chups have helped us out on many a landing!
  3. Create playlists for all the moments you are looking forward to – chilling by the pool requires a different set of tunes to the family al fresco dinners.
  4. A pack of cards, paper and pen can get anyone through an airport delay, but a tablet can be handy too when the traditional ideas run out. You can still download traditional games like monopoly onto a tablet.
  5. Earphone splitters have been the source of some of my nicest poolside memories – lying under the sun with a good tune and a favourite person – try it.
  6. Don’t forget the poolside book. Not all villas have a shelf of left-behind books and who is to say they are to your liking.
  7. A second credit card – bank fraud control these days is tight. You could find your card barred for unusual spending patterns whilst you are abroad (let your bank know in advance where you’re going).
  8. Pack a foldable multi-purpose bag that you do not mind getting wet/dirty for heading to the pool with everything from sunglasses and sun cream to kids’ sun hats and pool toysluggage ready for trip
  9. The day before your travel, charge all electrical items for the journey e.g. tablet. Consider carrying a portable charger in case of delays.
  10. I’m not convinced early boarding for children is helpful as you have longer to keep them in one place – e.g. on your lap if you’re travelling with a baby! As long as you have seat numbers allocated there’s no need to rush. Let the kids have the space of the lounge – the benefit of using the overhead lockers disappears anyway as you will need your bag of toys, colouring books etc by your feet.
  11. Standard toiletries, baby nappies, wipes, sunscreen all take space and weigh a tonne.  You can buy most things in the country you’re heading to and save on lugging heavy suitcases. Carry small travel versions to get you through day 1 & 2.
  12. Download a voice activated language converter app to your phone for translations.
  13. Empty those wallets and handbags- you don’t need your local coffee shop loyalty card in Marrakech… travel light!
  14. Check the rules on flying with food and milk for young children as the rules can often vary.
  15. Be old school and buy a map. Your phone map app will work overseas but will use a big slice of your data bundle. Ask us for a map of your local area and we will post one free of charge. If you still want to use your phone, don’t forget the car charger.

That concludes our list of tips for packing the perfect suitcase for your dream holiday in one of our villas. Those travelling with younger children may want to check out our recent blog, Tips for Packing a Child’s Suitcase. Have you got any tips of your own? Feel free to let us and other travellers know via the comments on social media!

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