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top evening activities to enjoy in italy, france and morocco

When on holiday,
we spend most of the day lounging by the pool and exploring the surrounding
area. However, when evening falls, it can be difficult to find a suitable activity
that everyone will enjoy. Throughout Italy, France and Morocco you can find a
number of spectacular activities which can make your holiday more authentic and

Of course, many
of us like to spend a part of the evening looking for the perfect restaurant
with an amazing setting, but once you have had dinner, you can become lost on
what you should do next. You can head back to your villa or, you can immerse
yourself in something a little bit different. We have picked out some of our
favourite evening activities in Italy, France and Morocco which we are sure you
will just love.


Italy is known
for its traditional intimate restaurants and cobbled streets, but out of the
main city of Rome, there are some hidden treasures. 

The Amalfi Coast is
home to the glamorous seaside town of Positano, and in the summer, visitors can
stay up until the early hours of the morning, dining in one of Positano’s
panoramic sea edge restaurants, drinking in any of a series of fashionable bars
and pavement cafes. Be sure to look at our range of Amalfi Coast luxury
to really make your stay special.


Ravello is a
charming village perched on a ridge high above Amalfi and the neighbouring town
of Atrani. Ravello is relatively out of the way, and many of its visitors come
during the day, leaving the nights gloriously quiet. For a quiet drink or
cocktail in an enchanting setting, Ravello could be the ideal place for you.

For an activity
where you can immerse yourself in culture and history, Florence has several
night tours which can take including a ride on a Segway, or if you prefer,
there are walking ones on offer. Florence looks particularly beautiful at night
especially with the lights reflecting on the water.


France is known
for its relaxed ambience, and this is shown through the nightlife. From cabaret
and theatre shows to swanky bars and restaurants, there really is so much to

Nice is one of
France’s largest cities and a popular holiday destination, so it comes as no
surprise that there is a lot to see and do once the sun goes down. There is an
array of cocktail bars which look out across the Mediterranean Sea. Only a
short distance from Nice is the Monte Carlo casino in Monaco. Being one of the
most famous casinos in the world, it is truly a spectacular place to spend the
evening, relax with a cocktail and try your chances on one of the many games.

The fun doesn’t
stop there as Nice is home to some fantastic music halls and opera shows. Opéra
de Nice displays ballet and classical concerts and can be a great activity for
those who would like a night of dancing with a twist. The Loire Valley is home
to numerous bars including jazz, cocktail and wine which can serve as the
perfect place to relax and unwind in the evening.



Morocco is known
for being a country which brings your senses alive, and when nights fall, it is
even more exquisite. The central Medina in Marrakesh does not have that
‘traditional’ nightlife scene, and this is due to the fact that etiquette and
law dictate that alcohol should be consumed within the view of a mosque.

With this being
said, trendy nightclubs and cocktail bars are available away from the Medina, primarily
around Avenue Mohammed V. Around the Medina you can find a refreshing view of
street-side cafes, theatres and music venues, which are all ideal for relaxing
in whilst you enjoy the atmosphere around you.  

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