Top Family Friendly Activities in Brittany

02nd August, 2017
With a plethora of beaches lining the coast, Brittany is the perfect place for your family to escape to over the summer. The sandy shores of north west France are home to one of the most beautiful of the eighteen regions that the country has to offer. When staying at one of our family friendly villas Brittany, the unrivalled landscape that boasts both lush greenery and turquoise waters will provide the ideal landscape for your trip.

Although we fail to believe that you’ll ever tire of the golden beaches, you may be after something a little different on your next holiday. These are some of our favourite things to do:  


After a fire destroyed most of the Northern part of the city in 1720, Renne was rebuilt from the ashes to become the vibrant capital of Brittany that it is today. As the fire ripped through the streets and past the Parlement de Bretagne, the majority of the wealthy north side of the city crumbled, resulting in it being rebuilt shortly afterwards.

Having narrowly avoided destruction in 1720, it wasn't the only time that protests would devastate the area. Perhaps one of the most iconic pieces of architecture in Brittany, and with its history dating back as far as 1532, the Parlement de Bretagne would soon be taunted with fire again, only this time it wouldn’t be so lucky as to survive.  

Take a trip to the capital to marvel at the wonders of the rebuilt Parliament, or meander down to medieval quarter to experience the food market at Marché des Lices. The family will love soaking up the culture, with guided tours and museums on offer too!

Château de Fougères

The castle ruins of Château de Fougères towers over the small commune of Fougères. The 1000-year-old architecture defined the medieval feudal state, the Duchy of Brittany, from 1000 to 1500.  

As one of the essential parts of the defence at the frontier, you and your family will love to explore the different areas of the castle ruins, with a free tour available and suitable for those over the age of six.    

Musée de Loup

If you're after something a little more quirky, why not take a trip to the wolf museum in Le Cloître-Saint-Thégonnec, Finistère. The region of Saint-Thégonnec loves wolves, which is apparent due to their museum dedicated to the animal.  

Allowing you and your family to take a look at the myths and legends surrounding the animal, you'll discover things you never knew were possible about the four-legged creature. The Arrée mountains in Brittany is the birthplace of many of these legends and is also close to the very last place where a fee was given for killing a wolf, Cloître Saint-Thégonnec.  

The museum at the foot of the mountains also contains a brand new visitor experience, so it is definitely worthwhile taking a trip here!

Centre Nautique le Guilvinec

If you’re wanting to get more out of the marvellous beaches that Brittany has to offer, then why not consider partaking in some water sports with your family? Centre Nautique le Guilvinec is great for this, as their purpose built watersports centre offers everything, from windsurfing to paddleboarding and kayaking!  

Qualified instructors are on offer to teach you all you need to know in a variety of watersports, using the best-quality, high-performance equipment. With all the water supervised, you’ll be reassured that you family is safe whilst visiting Centre Nautique. 

Image credit: 
Benh Lieu Song under Creative Commons