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top nativity scenes to be seen in tuscany

The lead up to Christmas in the Tuscany region of Italy follows many religious themes. The region’s cities, towns and villages decorate their streets with artistic interpretations of the nativity scene, known as presepi. The local communities spend hours designing and making these seasonal displays and are marks of their devotion to the religious elements of Christmas. 
If you are staying at our luxury Tuscany villas, why not visit some of the local presepi’s and admire the work and dedication of the craft? 
Over 60 cribs line the old town centre in Castelfiorento. There is a bizarre scene powered by mountain bikes as a nod to cyclist Gino Bartali’s family which are from the town. There is a weather-oriented scene that has mist in the morning, snow during the day and also sees a sudden storm. The presepi can be seen until January 8th. 
The old town centre of Pescia has over 30 scenes and a highlight is a nativity procession by the river taking place on December 18th and January 6th, where there will be delicious food to get at the local eateries and real-life shepherds with their flocks. 
Cerreto Guidi
The town is celebrating the festive season with a 22-metre-long nativity scene entirely crotched by hand. The scene has taken two years to complete by crocheters from all over Italy. Also worth seeing is the crib at the bell tower, which surrounds the whole base. The Cerreto Guidi presepi can be seen until January 8th. 
San Casciano Val di Pesa
The nativity scene in the town of San Casciano Val di Pesa is the town itself in miniature, complete with piazza, church, shops and marketplace. You can see the entire scene any time of the day and night, which even has snow and moving figures until January 8th. 
San Miniato
San Miniato’s nativity scenes is a whole two kilometres long, as it follows the town’s ridge. There is an advent calendar scene, a crib made by a collaboration of 40 artists, and each day a new piece is added, with the full display to be seen on Christmas Day. The presepi at San Miniato will be seen until January 15th. 
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