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top tips for decorating your french christmas cottage

As November comes to an end, you may be setting your sights further ahead and be thinking about ways to decorate for Christmas. As the frost starts to settle on the ground, and the darker mornings and nights create shorter days, you may be tempted to spend the festive season abroad. Planning how you aim to decorate where you’re spending Christmas, whether that be in holiday accommodation or at home and adapting how you intend to decorate to fit with the theme of your location can make your surroundings feel extra special.

There are hundreds of different locations that you could spend your Christmas break, but Christmas villa holidays, France, are the perfect option for those of you who are wanting to get away without having to travel too far. If you’re spending your Christmas in France for the first time, there is no better time to embrace the artistic flair of the French and to deck your home out in a traditional manner.

Below, we’ve listed a few tips and tricks to make your decorating process seem as traditional and authentic as possible.


Keep the colour palette neutral

Whereas your tree at home might be decorated from top-to-bottom with multi-coloured, flashing fairy lights and baubles every shade of the rainbow, French Christmas décor is kept more neutral. Channeling a white Christmas inside, opt for light colours and simple fabrics to bring an air of understated elegance to your home for Christmas. Keeping the colours light and using simple materials will give the room a soft edge.


Use vignette’s for your decorations

If you’re planning on using ornaments and additional accessories to bring make your villa feel more Christmassy, then why not think about using a vignette? Look for ones with a rustic feel; light-wash wooden or chipped white options are perfect for this! Not only do they look nice, but they are also convenient as you can move the decorations around as and when you please!


Place importance on the plates

French crockery is subtle yet graceful, so making sure that you select the most stylish dishes that you have to serve your Christmas feast on is highly important. These should have decorative touches, so avoid using any plain plates. However, they most definitely should be white. For the most authentic option, look for plates with intricate designs, such as swirls for decoration.


Bring the outside inside

Contrast your neutral colour scheme with pops of green to give your décor an edge. Hang simple wreaths made from boxwood on your door, and continue the rustic theme by hanging them by burlap ribbons to finish the look. Another place that wreaths are typically found is as a centrepiece for your table. Accessorise with four candles and pops of silver to create a beautiful focal point for your table, making sure that the green foliage is the perfect size and shape. Each Sunday in the run-up to Christmas, one of these candles should be burnt to celebrate each of the Sunday’s in advent. Having pops of green throughout your home or holiday villa will off-set the white and tie the tree into the room better.

In France, there are three species of Christmas trees that are widely available: spruce, Nordmann and noble fir trees. However, there are more important things to consider than the species when selecting your perfect tree for the Christmas holidays. Making sure that the tree is the correct size is the most important thing to think about when purchasing a tree. Too big and the tree will dominate the room, but too small and it will look as though it is an afterthought, and will ruin the flow of the rest of the decorations that you have already put in place. It is, therefore, important to map out exactly where you want the tree, and how much space you have for it beforehand.

There are many different ways in which you can decorate your tree, from including replicas of apples and other fruits to miniature children’s rocking horses. Despite this, it is essential to make sure that the tree fits with the rest of the room. Look for light coloured baubles and fairy lights that offer a warm glow to best compliment your room.


Are you looking to decorate your home or holiday villa with a French theme this year? If so, we would love you to share your pictures with us on social media to let us know how it went!

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