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top tips for easy travel with toddlers

Travelling can be stressful at the best of times; making sure you have everything packed, getting to the airport on time, and checking into customs. But throwing children and toddlers into the mix can make it a lot more stressful. However, by following these simple tips, the process can go a lot smoother, making the whole family arrive at their holiday villa in South of France in a happy mood and ready to go. 
Take Your Time
When you have young children in tow, it is not a good idea to rush, as something is more likely to go wrong. Plan ahead, and take your time in getting to the airport and checking in. This means you can have time to relax before the rush of boarding starts and allows your child a chance to get used to being in an airport. 
Bring Distractions
Waiting around to board can be very frustrating, and kids are not as able at sitting still, listening to music or reading a book as adults. Take a variety of things to distract them, from books you can read to them, snacks and sticker books to puzzles and travel games. Don’t give them up all at once either, swapping each distraction out for the next when your child begins to bore of one. 
Take Your Tablet
A portable tablet can be a lifesaver when it comes to long holidays. With enough memory and space, you can download a variety of games and apps to keep them (and you) entertained, which is best to do before setting off from home. Apps such as Netflix are great, as you can download certain films and TV shows to watch offline when no Wi-Fi is available, and YouTube Kids is great for letting your kids safely watch clips and videos online. Don’t forget to bring a charger, and investing in a portable charger will mean you can use the tablet for longer when out and about. 
Pack Snacks and Sweets
One of the biggest complaints you get from your kids is ‘I’m hungry’, and this can be worse when travelling, as they are unsure when the next proper meal will be. Taking snacks and sweets is the way to keep them happy. Sugar-free lollipops are perfect for the plane, to help with the ear pressure discomfort. Take boxes of raisins; they are the least messy, naturally healthy and will keep your kids in a good mood. 
Have A Comfy Pillow
Pick up some travel pillows at the airport, or pack in a comfy cushion from home. Your smaller children can sit on them to look out the plane window, and use them to get comfy if they want to sleep. You may want to pack in their favourite blanket, as it will help keep them calm if they are nervous about flying, and keep them warm when they are sleeping on what can often be a chilly plane. 
Travel in the Evening
To make things easier for yourself, you may want to consider flying in the evening or night. The evening travel time will help encourage your child to sleep, which can make the hassle of checking in and so on, much easier. Alternatively, get your toddler to nap on the flight if you are flying during the day if they are still young enough to do so. Bring an eye-mask, or use a scarf, to make it dark for them. 
Move About
You will want to avoid your toddler being restless on the plane so as to not disturb the other passengers. Before the restlessness can turn into a tantrum, get them up and moving down the aisles, allowing them to explore as much as they are allowed. Along with this, why not teach them about the plane and flying in general? It’s another way to distract them, and being naturally curious; your child is sure to love learning about everything. 
Do you have any tricks or tips that help you travel with toddlers stress-free? Let us know via our social media! 
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