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top tips for getting the best flight prices

Purchasing a plane ticket used to be simpler, but now holiday makers looking to go abroad come up with an innumerable amount of obstacles when it comes to getting plane tickets at a decent price. To get a good price for a flight, you may have to book far in advance, go for a very early or late flight, get indirect or direct routes and different airlines. 
If you are looking at our family friendly villas, Languedoc, you are most likely looking for flights too. Here are some top tips to help you get the best flight prices.
Book Seven Weeks In Advance
Finding a great flight deal used to be about booking last minute as airlines tried to get rid of empty seats. Today there are several budget airlines and business travellers happy to spend more on last minute flights that it’s no longer the case. Seven weeks is the best time to book for short haul flights to France or Italy, for example. For long haul 18 weeks in advance can help you get a good deal. 
Email Alerts
Though last minute flights are hard to find, they do exist if you know where to look. Visit a few of your favourite airlines and sign up for email alerts and newsletters from them. You will soon be able to see the flash sales, new routes with discount rates and low fares on last minute flights. Tuesday afternoon is often the best time for this! 
By One Way Ticket (And Back)
Though it is not always the case, buying return flights with one airline can be more expensive than buying two one way tickets from different airlines. For example, a cheap one-way flight London to Nice on Easyjet and for the return home, a one-way ticket with Ryanair. This gives you more flexibility and allows you to fly home from a different airport if need be. 
Search In Secret
Cookies on your browser recognise when you repeatedly search for certain flights, and flight prices can increase as such, a tactic used to scare you into booking quickly. To get around this, use the incognito or private browsing mode on your browser. Your cookies are reset each time you open an incognito window, so you start with a clean slate for each flight search. 
Use Flight Search Engines
All search engines inflate their flight costs as they can take a cut from the airlines, so it is worthwhile to be familiar with the sites that consistently offer the best prices. These include Skyscanner, Google Flights (quick to compare flights, but not always the best prices), JetRadar and AirFare Watchdog. 
Find The Cheapest Place To Fly
If you know your flight destination, then you will want to know the best place to depart from. In many instances, you may think to fly from the nearest airport to you, or head to one of the several in London. Although these options may well be the airport, you do depart from, shopping around to find the best and cheapest airport to fly from can save you a penny. 
Don’t Wait To Book
Similar to our tip about booking in advance, it is good not to wait around to book, in hopes of getting a cheaper ticket. If you know when and where you are going on holiday, head straight to searching for your flight. Budget airlines can offer low rates at a basic price. Your biggest savings on flights come from booking as far ahead as you can. 
Check Prices In Other Currencies
Before you book a flight, check to see if the rate is cheaper in another currency. Of course, with the pound currently so low against the Euro, it is more beneficial to stick to the pound, and it is similar with the Moroccan dirham. However, this could be different for various airlines, so it is still worthwhile to check. 
Do you have any tricks and tips to get good flight prices for your holiday? Let us know via social media!
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