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top tips for packing a child’s suitcase

Travelling with children is a rewarding and satisfying experience that can provide you with a bank of precious memories that you’ll never forget. From the first moment when your feet touch base after stepping off the plane, you can be ready to capture every moment in your heart, watching as their faces light up with glee at the wealth of opportunities that have been presented to them.

A suitcase that has been packed for a child at an airport

Here at Quality Villas, we pride ourselves on our selection of properties that are suitable for children, whether that means the pool is equipped with a shallow end and step access to allow them to splash about to their hearts content, or the privacy that has been provided by choosing a breathtaking villa settled in the heart of the countryside, not a neighbour in sight. Being able to have the freedom to roam around in your own property is sure to make acclimatising to their new surroundings easier too, offering you peace of mind and the chance to unwind and relax.


While we can provide the perfect setting for your dream family getaway, one thing that we cannot choose for you is what you’re going to bring with you. Although many of our villas come with those home comforts that children will be well acquainted with, such as games consoles, table football and other items to keep them entertained, selecting what things they’ll need from home can often be a challenge.


Depending on the age of your children, their participation in this process may be varied. Often those who are primary school age will want to be more involved, however, this may make it all the more of a struggle! So, we’ve compiled a helpful list of all the things that we think you’ll most definitely need to bring with you, in addition to those items that will just end up using that all important space in your suitcase.



With the excitement of a new location comes the curiosity that accompanies most children. This can often be messy, especially if exploring the beach or indulging in new cuisines is on the cards! As a general rule of thumb, you’ll need to pack at least one outfit for each day, with a quick wash removing most stains from clothing – perfect for another day of your trip! One area that you cannot over pack is underwear, bringing a couple of extra pairs in case of emergencies.



When considering what toiletries to pack with you for your little ones, it is important to remember that standard regulations still apply; much like you have to opt for travel-sized alternatives, ensure that any bathroom essentials that you’re bringing with you for your children are downsized too. One of the easiest ways to combat this is to buy anything that you’re going to use over the duration of your holiday once you have landed! This way, you can have more space in your suitcase, and the worry is minimised for forgetting something. With this in mind, if you’ll need nappies or similar items for the journey, remember to pack these in your carry on!



It is important to bring something with you that will keep your children entertained, whether that’s on a long journey or for while you bask in the sunlight on the terrace of your beautiful holiday villas in Gironde. This doesn’t have to be anything too space-consuming, however. If you’re planning on spending time outside, you may find opting for using your pool is the preferred option. If you’re going to be going away to enjoy the heat, it is important to remember to pack a hat and suncream, as well as trying to keep out of the rays as much as possible between 12pm – 3pm.

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