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top tips for planning your holiday wardrobe

Packing is one of the most annoying aspects of holidays, and you can spend hours trying to pack your whole wardrobe into your suitcase, yet find nothing you want to wear when you arrive. The best way to reduce the stressing is by planning out your clothes before you go. This not only will make you excited about the coming holiday at one of our luxury villas in Italy or France, but it means you can stay organised too.
Plan Outfits
It may take the spontaneity out of throwing a last minute yet stylish outfit together, but it means less time wasted in the morning or evening, and more time to spend eating delicious pizza or soaking up the culture. Try and pack a few tops that match your jeans or shorts; the same goes for your shoes. This planning of outfits, before the holiday, is for both men and women!
Forget the heels 
Leave behind the uncomfortable heels which will be giving you a lot of pain. Bring wedges if you don’t want to wear flats all week that can also double up as nice shoes for dining out. Flat, sturdy shoes that won’t rub even after several hours of wearing are essential, espadrilles or sandals are the best options. When it comes to your feet, don’t be afraid to splash out as having quality comfy shoes can make all the difference to how much you enjoy your holiday. 
Roll up your clothes
While everything might look nice folded in your suitcase, it actually saves space rolling your clothes up, and this also minimises the creasing. You can stuff all the other bits and pieces in between the rolled up clothes. 
Pack Two Sets of Swimwear
It can be better to under pack, but it is better to bring two sets of swimwear, in various styles. Pack your favourite swimsuit or bikini you will wear the most, then put in a spare. This is good for the guys too, as having a backup pair of swim shorts is ideal for beach days and pool days. 
Dresses are Holiday Musts
Pack a few different summer dresses, such as loose style for the day, and a party dress in the evening. They are easy to pack and don’t require any extra outfit planning. Remember to add a shawl or light weight and loose-fitting jacket that you can put on if the evening is a little chilly. 
Take Your Favourites
For both men and women, packing your favourite summer outfits is often better than any new holiday clothes. Pack your best-loved items for your holiday wardrobe, this means you will feel happy and comfortable with whatever you are wearing. 
Remember the essentials
Your holiday essentials for your holiday to sunny Italy or France should include a couple of shorts – or skirts for women, several vest tops and t-shirts and comfy shoes, just to start off with. Add in a larger floaty top that is comfy and double as beach cover up clothes, and loose fitting trousers – rather than jeans, for comfort on cooler days. 
Bring a hat, as not only will this protect the top of your head from the sun’s rays, but floppy hats are a popular trend for the summer. Sunglasses are essential too – put in a couple of pairs in case you lose one!
The right bag is important too. You don’t want to be lugging a heavy bag around all day so add in a small satchel bag for the evening. Always have a larger beach bag for long days out. 
Though not exactly an essential item, packing in one or two fancier outfits for a night drinking cocktails or a special dinner can make a huge difference to your holiday. Having a great dress, or nice shirt and trousers for a guy, packed and ready means you don’t have to worry if an occasion arises when smarter clothes are required. 
Now you are ready for a relaxing holiday in the sun! Let us know some of your packing hacks or holiday essentials on our social media channels!
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